No Thank You! Kyle Richards Declines Invite To Niece Brooke’s Wedding Amidst Family Discord With Kim Richards

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Kim Richards is sitting in rehab, and although her family is getting a break from the drama that an addict creates, the ongoing feud with sister and cast mate on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” is far from over. A new report claims that Kim’s daughter Brooke’s much talked about Mexican wedding will allegedly go on without her Aunt Kyle. 

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Brooke Brinson’s wedding was bantered about during the show’s reunion, as well as during Kim’s intervention, led by Dr. Phil, following a public drunken meltdown at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a few weeks ago. Kyle was not present at the interview/intervention, and apparently is passing on any potential upset that attending her niece’s wedding, now just two weeks away, may bring. 

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An insider explains to Radar,

“Kyle is refusing to go to Mexico for Brooke’s second wedding as she just doesn’t want to deal with any of Kim’s drama. Kyle wishes the best for Brooke and Thad, and doesn’t want to take anything away from their big day. But Kim and Kyle aren’t prepared to bury the hatchet any time soon.”

The source also asserts that Kyle has only called Kim once since she checked into rehab, and has not visited with her sister. Prior to Kim reluctantly plunking herself back into rehab, she and Kyle had not been in contact for five months. However, Kim has reportedly not been hurting for visitors. Kim’s bestie, fellow tipsy wreck Brandi Glanville, recently told radio host, Jenny McCarthy that she had indeed visited Kim in rehab. Brandi commented,

“If you saw where her rehab was…I was like, ‘Anyone could use 30 days here.’ It’s really nice. I don’t want to out where she is, but it’s beautiful. I took the kids and I was like, ‘This is beautiful.She joked, “This place is the Four Seasons!”

Kim initially balked at the idea of seeking help, if it meant missing the second wedding of her daughter. It appears that Kim will be hopping from Cali luxury to a Mexican celebration. Has her sister Kyle truly had enough of the havoc spread by her junkie sibling, and the part she undoubtedly plays in enabling the chaos? What do you think?


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