Bethenny vs. Sonja: Real Housewives of New York Girls Trip Gets Heated in Atlantic City! [VIDEO]

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The ladies of “The Real Housewives of New York” are back tonight for a drama-filled all girls trip! The women head off together to Atlantic City for Ramona’s first solo birthday without Mario. Things get off to a rough start when Sonja won’t let the ladies into her townhouse, and they have to wait outside in the pouring rain #PayBack!

On the way to Atlantic City, the ladies make a very necessary stop…on the side of the road. And after a memorable limo ride to AC, the ladies try to change their luck and sit down for a lavish dinner.


However, things quickly go down hill when Bethenny calls Sonja out for not listening to her, leaving Sonja in tears. Bethenny may be annoyed at the constant jabs from everyone, but she can’t help but give a dig to Sonja. “You cannot say things like, ‘I was in PR my whole life,'” Bethenny says. “It’s pretentious and nobody wants to hear it.”

Tensions further escalate after Bethenny calls Carole out for taking a “dig” at the Countess LuAnn by pointing out the countess isn’t European, she’s in fact from Connecticut.

“That wasn’t even a dig, she’s from Connecticut. She’s not European, she’s American, which is 1,000 times better,” Carole says.


Ramona tries to change the mood with some raucous gambling and dirty dancing. Still frustrated with Sonja for having an good time (she’s an adult…she’s allowed), Bethenny tries to have a serious talk with her, leading to a no-holds-barred exchange.


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