Shady Boots! Nene Leakes Diss Cynthia Bailey After Emotional Breakdown At #RHOA Reunion

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RHOA_Reunion__Part_3_Nene Leakes

Some people will never change! Despite Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore extending a caring hand to NeNe Leakes during her emotional breakdown at the season 7 “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion, NeNe used the incident to throw shade at one of her biggest supporters of the night…Cynthia Bailey!

After the fervent episode aired, NeNe took to her Instagram page to thank Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks alone. What about Cynthia Bailey? The caring heart who rushed to NeNe’s aid and stayed by her ex BFF’s side throughout. NeNe posted the following photo with the caption, “Thanks so much to @porsha4real @phaedraparks for calming me, not judging me, cleaning makeup off my white suit and just being there for a sista! I got nothing but love for ya 😘 #RHOA.” 

NeNe Leakes RHOA

On the contrary, in a collective show of support last night, her co-stars posted a nice photo of NeNe but petty NeNe took the opportunity to be shady. Such a callous and BOLD statement clearly shows NeNe is not willing to change and move pass the trifling drama. Her post backs up what Kandi Burruss has said about Mrs. Leakes, “I don’t know why everyone kisses her ass!”

NeNe went on to post a second pic, seemingly looking for fan sympathy and support with the caption, “Honestly I do not like being vulnerable in front of people who do not like me! My exterior can be tough to some but my heart is gold! I have gotten soooo many text messages about this scene tonight. (I didn’t watch) my phone has literally caught on fire! I’m happy to know that I helped or inspired anyone that watch💋 #RHOA#strongwoman”

NeNe Leakes RHOA

It’s hard to have sympathy for a woman that demonstrates such trivial behaviors, which leads me to question, was her emotional breakdown real or just to deflect from owning up to her poor behavior? Below are supportive posts by her co-stars after the reunion aired. All love and no shade.

RHOA_Cynthia and Nene

Kenya Moore_Nene Leakes_RHOA

Claudia Jordan_Nene Leakes_RHOA
Will NeNe ever change and stop the shady drama? Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.


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