Shady Boots! Nene Leakes Diss Cynthia Bailey After Emotional Breakdown At #RHOA Reunion

Posted on May 11 2015 - 7:14am by Avigail

RHOA_Reunion__Part_3_Nene Leakes

Some people will never change! Despite Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore extending a caring hand to NeNe Leakes during her emotional breakdown at the season 7 “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion, NeNe used the incident to throw shade at one of her biggest supporters of the night…Cynthia Bailey!

After the fervent episode aired, NeNe took to her Instagram page to thank Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks alone. What about Cynthia Bailey? The caring heart who rushed to NeNe’s aid and stayed by her ex BFF’s side throughout. NeNe posted the following photo with the caption, “Thanks so much to @porsha4real @phaedraparks for calming me, not judging me, cleaning makeup off my white suit and just being there for a sista! I got nothing but love for ya 😘 #RHOA.” 

NeNe Leakes RHOA

On the contrary, in a collective show of support last night, her co-stars posted a nice photo of NeNe but petty NeNe took the opportunity to be shady. Such a callous and BOLD statement clearly shows NeNe is not willing to change and move pass the trifling drama. Her post backs up what Kandi Burruss has said about Mrs. Leakes, “I don’t know why everyone kisses her ass!”

NeNe went on to post a second pic, seemingly looking for fan sympathy and support with the caption, “Honestly I do not like being vulnerable in front of people who do not like me! My exterior can be tough to some but my heart is gold! I have gotten soooo many text messages about this scene tonight. (I didn’t watch) my phone has literally caught on fire! I’m happy to know that I helped or inspired anyone that watch💋 #RHOA#strongwoman”

NeNe Leakes RHOA

It’s hard to have sympathy for a woman that demonstrates such trivial behaviors, which leads me to question, was her emotional breakdown real or just to deflect from owning up to her poor behavior? Below are supportive posts by her co-stars after the reunion aired. All love and no shade.

RHOA_Cynthia and Nene

Kenya Moore_Nene Leakes_RHOA

Claudia Jordan_Nene Leakes_RHOA
Will NeNe ever change and stop the shady drama? Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.


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  • I’m sorry but I don’t feel any sympathy for NeNe and her pity campaign. She wants everyone to feel sorry and sympathetic for her, because she feels her mother abandoned her, yet she rolls her eyes at Kenya when she was talking about her mom? What about that crap she said about Mama Joyce, equating her to gutter trash? But everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her? No. Nope. Un uh.

  • RealitySuxx

    I’m just glad Kandi kept it real, and didn’t fall for the okie doke.

    • Hey sweetie! I’ve missed you. I hope you’ve been well. Glad to see you posting again.

      • RealitySuxx

        Hiya!!! Yeah .. I took a LONG message board break .. LMAO .. but I am back…refreshed. Thanks so much. 🙂 The site looks good!!!

        • Breaks are so good to revitalize your mind and soul. Blessings and positive vibes, sis! ♥︎

  • RonnieIsBack

    She is ridiculous…which is why she is will never truly be happy.

  • pixntrix

    Avigail great blog. I think she was deflecting again, sigh, so she wouldn’t have to own her behavior. Nene is Miss Mercurical.

  • cait

    What’s that wet stuff that slides down the face when you’re crying ? Special Effects Dept. want sacking !

    • Hahaha! You’re too funny Cait.

    • Thelight

      @Cait, if I were on tv there would be no way I would have black rain running down my face, special effects hell, I’d have my MAYBELLE brow/pencil makeup applied. I hate to see women with the black rain, they look like they belong in a horror movie.

      • cait

        Hi light,
        This fake woman couldn’t prove she was crying ! (‘cos she wasn’t) Waterproof mascara would have done the trick !
        Funny how she only got Mommy “issues” after Kenya told her, genuine, sad story. Boo-Hoo only latched onto this, because she was getting slated on the reunion !
        Throughout the show she has, on several occasions, talked, very fondly, about her Mom. GIMMEABREAK !

  • Jennymckitty

    I think it was very convenient timing on Nene’s part to have an “emotional breakthrough” at the end of the reunion. She wasn’t coming off very well through the majority of it…OK, the entire season. She never had to honestly address the problems she has with the women. Cynthia’s concern for Nene seemed genuine and the fact that Nene completely dismissed that speaks volumes. She has not grown emotionally and has no interest in improving her relationships with the rest of the cast.

    • Exactly and to think I actually fell for her act. I truly felt sympathy for her, I even shed a tear. Nene is nothing but a fraud.

      • Jennymckitty

        I was the one sitting on the couch with Kandi, staring at my cleavage. I don’t dislike Nene…not a fan but not a hater. I don’t know why I felt it was staged. It just didn’t feel “real” to me.

        • You clearly are a good judge of character. I’m too trusting of the wrong people at times (it’s a character flaw) and sadly fell for Nene’s staged act.

          • Thelight

            @Seusseroo, I wouldn’t say you have a character flaw, you may be one of those people who see people in the best light, me, I’m constantly suspicious of people who seem like they’re up to something, I think I have a character flaw lol! I didn’t believe Nene’s “breakdown” , in my mind, I felt she had to win people back over because she proberly realizes at this point that her fan base is not as strong as it once was, so hence, bring on the sympathy, Nene even threw in a few “body shakes” for special effects. I have read a few passages from her book “Never Make The Same Mistake Twice”, in it she says how she doesn’t “BRAG, DOESN’T HAVE TO HAVE DESIGNER CLOTHING”, SHE DOESN’T TEAR PEOPLE DOWN, now she goes on say many things that she claims is not her,but you’ve seen her displaying this behavior. Nene may be a lot more like her mom then she’s knows. Nene Leakes is apart of a show that has opened many doors of opportunity, but her biggest has been RHOA and she knows it, but she’s tired of it and it shows and her true self shows and it’s not pretty.

          • Thank you Thelight! Great words of wisdom!♥︎

        • Bad Barbie

          Thousands felt the same. Go see on Twitter. lol

      • colleen

        NO Jenny! You must be confused!! You never felt sympathy for her. Maybe you weren’t feeling well when you had that episode?!? Lol!

        • Hahahaha! You may be right. May be I was ill or something.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Is Dr. Jeff throwing up a gang sign???

    • colleen

      What’s that mean?, its sounds funny, but I’m not getting it! Thanks, Doll

      • cait

        Left hand looks like he’s putting a gun on No-No !

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Cynthia, Clawdia & Kenya quick to post selfies with Nene after the reunion…no wonder Nene is so high on herself…

  • Goo Goo G’Joob

    Uhhh, Nene, most folks who have a heart of gold don’t ever go around announcing it. They are too busy being kind, loving and supporting…the very things you never do unless there’s a payday involved.

    • Bad Barbie

      She got her metals twisted. Steel more like it.

      • Goo Goo G’Joob

        Or maybe lead…

  • Shelly Jones

    Over this season and Nene.

  • Norrth

    Nene’s true colors were showing that night. She never apologized to Dr. Jeff for threatening his license, the accusations, and the childlike tantrums – disrupting his session. Then she tried to get HIM to apologize.

    • MatureBlackWoman

      I think that Kandi is the one who truly sees her real character. I will give the other credit for trying to be classy about her “breakdown”,however, it does not surprise me one bit that she insulted Cynthia who was nice enough to assist her. She has chosen to be a mean woman and it is almost impossible to feel sorry for her. That poor doctor joined in with the bowing and scraping to Queen Nene.

      • Marsbars09

        Hi MBW! I couldn’t agree with you more. Moose is incapable of feeling for others.

  • Marsbars09

    When will Cynthia get it through her empty head that Nene is DONE with her! She will NEVER be her friend EVER!

  • Bad Barbie

    Y’all still going to be fans after this?

    She is insufferable. Therapy ain’t helping her.

    Nene, you wear gold but your heart is steel. Miss me with that. She has 0 redeeming qualities She works hard that is about it.

    • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

      I agree BB. NeNe does work hard. I’ll give her that.
      But I feel like she’s only doing it because she somehow thinks that $money$ equates to class & status.
      Hate to be the one to tell her this… but It doesn’t.
      An asshole is still an asshole even if their bank account has 6 or 7 digits.
      A few cases in point. Baron Hilton, Donald Trump, Kanye West. Kimmode Kartrashian, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber… need I go on? LMBO!

      • Bad Barbie

        Yep! In the Countess Lu-Lu One hit wonder own words.. “Money can’t buy you class… my fraaaands”.

      • Thelight

        @Tigerlily, Nene biggest problem is that she’s incorrigible and will remain so. I hate when people come from humble beginnings and they start to make money and gain fame and then start acting as if they were always there, ugh!

    • ^^This! Very well stated.

    • Thelight

      @Bad Barbie, Nene has been digging a hole that she’s about to fall in and she’s reaching for a life line, but the line is breaking the hell in half! This woman has gone and purchased that mansion, but you never hear her talking about educating her youngest son so he’ll be prepared for the future. Nene gives me the impression that it’s all about her looking like the big shot. Where is she going with the show, now that she’s unable to play the “game” anymore? Nene can’t get along with any of the women, so where does that leave her? It appears that she’s stuck. Nene made her worst mistake claiming she’s a “Rich Bitch” so now she’s trying to live up to that, instead of living a very comfortable life, she’s similar to Joesphine Baker in that she went for success and fame and was willing to work for it , but as we know Ms. Baker went out and bought that damn CASTLE in France instead of living a very comfortable life and was evenually EVICTED from her home and thrown out on the street.

  • CoolBreeze15

    Well maybe they will all realize Nene is NOBODY’s friend! I can’t believe people are falling for this crap. It’s mind blowing. I personally don’t think Kenya or Claudia like Nene, I think they’re just playing a game honestly. With Cynthia, I don’t know. I think she is ok with being cordial but best believe if Nene thanked Cynthia, Cynthia would have welcomed her back with open arms!

    • Thelight

      @CoolBreeze15, Now that I do believe about cynthia, but where is this show going? You have the queen Bee not willing to film with just about no one and the otherr ladies are scrambling for a story line, but the worst is Kenya, whom I can NO longer take at ALL!

  • karen

    Cynthia went with Nene to try & show she supports her but really was just another way to keep her name out there. She could careless if Nene was hurting or not. Just like after the bitch comment everything was good until air time then Cynthia seen opportunity for a storyline that would keep her on show. Sure old Peter had some input with this. They need money so they will do anything to stay on show. Didn’t have problem with Nene paying for vacation for u & husband. U knew what Nene had said in blog before going. By the way Cynthia your hair looked terrible on reunion show.

    • Thelight

      @Karen, you may be right, but Nene has done far worse, and whats a little opportunity grabbing, Nene faked it until she made it, after all, it is REALITY TV, and birds gotta fly and fish gotta swim lol!!!

  • karen

    Think Nene just tired of these ladies riding her coattails. Nene can’t help they have no real storyline so they use Nene for one. Kandi & Phaedra are the only other ones that actually work and have storyline. Think Kanda felt she was the business woman all these years and now that Nene kinda of passing her up Kanda is jealous of Nene opportunities. Keep doing u Nene, u got there on your own, enjoy your success.

    • rasta

      I toatally agree with you. Nene knows “apology” from her or them means nothing because this show is fueled by the shadiest cut throat behavior storylines” perpetrated by themselves AND producers. She has grown from this and the only thing influencing her to return are the raises. Hopefully she will soon get her own show and won’t be coerced to fight with these women.

      • Thelight

        @Rasta, you’re right! but she should have not bought that mansion knowing that she was no longer happy engaging in this type of format. Nene could have waited until something more acceptable for her came along at this stage of her life and paid her as well or better than RHOA does, instead of going back into a damn hurricane over and over, because isn’t she always the one saying “ALL MONEY IS NOT GOOD MONEY”. Nene talks one way only to turn around and condone it when she thinks no one was paying attention, like the comments she made about Kim and her blonde hair, now look at who is blond now! And getting blonder everytime I see her.

  • Damn shame, Evil rears its ugly head **Nene** and this is why I like Kandi’s reaction the whole time Claudia, Kenya, and Cynthia fell for the BS and once again got slammed. Hell if I would waste my selfie’s on the face of Satan…smh!

  • plez

    NeNe’s breakdown was fake. I loved how after her “breakdown” she went after Dr Jeff again. The NeNe and Kim show won’t last because NeNe needs people to bow down to her and Kim doesn’t need a job that badly.

  • Thelight

    I’m not trying to talk badly about anybody’s mother,but Nene may be a lot like her mother and not just in appearance, I liked her in the beginning but as time went on not so much. I saw her as a person lacking an appropriate style as a gracious person who can publicly handle fame , this sadly is not what I’m seeing in her.