RECAP: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 – NeNe’s Crying Meltdown

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RHOA_Kenya Moore_RHOA Reunion Season 7

After Nene’s outburst in response to Kenya’s comparison of she and Apollo’s playful interaction as the same as Nene’s and Peter’s, Andy turns over the floor to Peter. When asked did he and Nene ever flirt, he responded, they were playful but never inappropriate. He says all of them have playful personalities. He also said he text gate was some made up bullchit that folks ran with and they all owed Kenya an apology. Gregg wanted further reassurance so he asked Peter point blank did he and Nene flirt with each other. Peter said “no.” Andy asked about what Porsha inferred regarding Peter and his waitresses. Peter pointed out that Porsha has a reckless mouth and she is lying. He said that if he was going to cheat on his wife, it wouldn’t be with a cocktail waitress, but rather it would be with someone of the caliber of J-Lo. 

RHOA Reunion_Peter Thomas

Next, Bravo shows clips of the young and the sexless marriage of Todd and Kandi, one year later. Todd mentions that Mama Joyce has apologized for her disparaging remarks made about his mother. Kandi pointed out that the apology was made prior to Sharon’s death. Todd said he felt it wasn’t sincere. They also discuss how they don’t have many ‘Kandi Koated Nights’ in their household but they are working on it. When nosy Andy asked when was the last time they had sex, they replied two days ago and the couch applauded. Todd lights up when asked about plans for a baby. He says it’s coming soon. I think Kandi is already pregnant. She says her boobs are huge due to the hormones she is taking.  Todd then discusses how he found out his mother had died. She had a stroke. That has to be simply unbearable. Gregg attended and spoke at the funeral. Phaedra, who couldn’t attend due to a speaking engagement, helped with the funeral arrangements.  Kandi and Todd said her death actually made their marital bonds stronger. Todd was chastised by a viewer for not wearing his wedding ring all the time.  Kandi said “whatever.”

All About The Tea_Kandi and Todd_RHOA Reunion_Season 7

The implosion of Nene and Cynthia’s friendship is explored. We see Nene loudly barking at Cynthia about not being a good friend, and “throwing away the damn friendship even though she viewed her as her f*cking sister.” We see Cynthia burning the friendship contract. Although in front of the girls they seemed to have hugged it out, we see in their talking heads, Nene saying “Bye Felicia” to Cynthia and Cynthia receiving the dismissal. Andy asked, did they really break up because Nene called Peter a “bitch.” He gives Nene the floor. She says that after “PeterIsABitchGate,” they were cool. She believes the public and Peter got into Cynthia’s ear and this is why things all of a sudden changed. Nene says all Cynthia had to do was call her and talk with her. 

Nene Leakes_RHOA Reunion

Cynthia says she is going to tell the entire story because she is sick of talking about it. Andy tries to shorten her version, but she stands her ground. Cynthia says Gregg was feeling some kinda way because the public was telling him that he should have manned up and checked Peter for speaking to Nene during her rude behavior at Kenya’s charity event. Cynthia then said Gregg asked her to arrange a meeting between he and Peter on camera so he can address it. Cynthia and Nene thought the meeting would be a calm one. Right. 

Cynthia Bailey_RHOA

As we saw the conversation went to the extreme left when Gregg starting flexing on Peter to prove to his woman Nene that he was not just a butler, but he was a bulldog.  Cynthia said Nene called her in tears afterwards. Later, they all went to celebrate New Year’s Eve and stayed in the same hotel. While on this getaway, Nene threw a lot of shade at her BFF Cynthia in her Bravo blog based on what Cynthia said in retaliation to Nene’s constant criticism of Cynthia for allowing her daughter Noelle date at 14.  Cynthia had said in a talking head that she would rather pick up her daughter and her boyfriend from their dates, instead of picking up a grandbaby. We all know Nene has grandchildren born out of wedlock. 

Nene Leakes_RHOA Reunion

Cynthia felt instead of having to read Nene’s feelings on a blog when they were staying at the same hotel on holiday together, they should have discussed it. She even sent Nene a text that night. Cynthia says Nene also tried to get her fired.  Nene denied this.  Kandi said “oh yes you did Nene.” Bravo rolled the footage of Nene telling Andy that Cynthia needs to be off the show. Well a hit dog always bark as they say in the South and Nene started over talking Cynthia saying she wasn’t a good friend and says once again, you’re right, I’m wrong. Andy asks if there is any chance of reconciliation. Cynthia says she wishes Nene well.  Nene wishes Cynthia wells. Andy says that doesn’t sound hopeful. Nene tells him to respect her statement (basically STFU, Andy).  Moving on.

RHOA Reunion

Next we go to Thotville and Bravo shows countless clips of Porsha half-dressed celebrating her freedom to twerk because she is no longer the obedient ministering wife of Kordell. We also see clips of Nene and Phaedra calling Porsha a thot and she just thinks it is oh so cute. Andy even shades her choice of clothing. Nene says she now dances in strip clubs. Porsha, again laughs and thinking this is just awesome. Even the viewers write in and say she has changed and has become the ringleader of shady behavior. Andy tries to flip the switch and discuss her grandfather, Civil Rights Activist Hosea Williams. Porsha said she saw the movie ‘Selma’ with her family and it brought back memories of her marching with her granddad while people “throw’d” rocks at her. I Just Can’t.  #GurlBye

Porsha_RHOA Reunion

Andy discusses Puerto-Read-Co. Kandi confirms that yes, indeed Claudia read Nene for filth on that day. Claudia says she was defending herself because Nene was hitting below the belt with whore-isms and racial slurring. She feels Nene didn’t have much of a comeback with her vocabulary so she used what she could.  Nene said she was in the heat of the moment. A viewer asked how could Nene say such a racial disgusting thing and call Claudia a half-breed. Nene says she didn’t think Claudia minded that remark because she is half black and half white. This chick. Anyway, Nene  apologized to the audience. Claudia tells Nene that she doesn’t need her apology because she knows who she is and one thing she doesn’t need from Nene is validation.  Bloop.

Claudia Jordan_RHOA Reunion_RHOA

Andy says the ladies had a ball in the Philippines because Nene wasn’t there. #ShadyBoots. Andy asked if Kenya and Phaedra remained friends, after their prayer circle/hand holding moment. Really Andy? Kenya points out that for the moment they were and supported each other’s functions. However, when you watch the show and now come to the reunion, it rehashes a lot of bad feelings. Phaedra says it is all in the past. Nene says she doesn’t regret going with the ladies to the Philippines for kum-ba-yah.

Phaedra Parks_RHOA Reunion_RHOA

And now the Nene meltdown. Dr. Jeff joins the couch. Nene is frosty towards him. He places his hand on her back and says “I have your back, and have not betrayed you.” The ladies felt that the only reason why the group therapy session arranged by Nene didn’t go well was because Nene couldn’t control it. Dr. Jeff mentioned he had counseled Nene and Greg’s families on several occasions.  However he wanted the ladies to know he was there for all of them, not just Nene. He wanted everyone to have an opportunity to express themselves. Nene says everyone wanted to be a victim and talk about how she bullied them but nobody cared about what she has gone though.   And then she tells us: her mother gave her away, her father never claimed her and she was in an abusive relationship. 

Nene Leakes_RHOA Reunion_RHOA

Claudia says no one knew Nene’s background and they could have used the group therapy session to explore it. Dr. Jeff says Nene is in a lot of pain. Nene is quiet.  Porsha says that she felt the group session was a gang up and then tries to rewrite history.  Kandi shuts her down and say that Nene was the one who started the fighting when she turned on Dr. Jeff just because he said he was going to be sure the session was conducted in a fair way towards all.  Nene starts shaking.  Nene starts crying.  Dr. Jeff asks is there anything Nene would like to say. Nene says no. Kenya tries to comfort Nene by telling her that nobody is against her and they do not want to fight with her anymore. She also says that she and Nene have something in common with abandonment issues which is why in the beginning they were friends and she cares for her. 

RHOA_Reunion__Part_3_Nene Leakes

Nene stands up to leaves, with Cynthia, Phaedra, Porsha and Dr. Jeff helping her. All the ladies rally around Nene. Kandi had to be asked by Kenya to join in.  Kandi says she is confused. Nene goes to the ladies room. Gregg explains Nene’s background to Andy. Back on the couch with Kenya, Claudia and Kandi, Kenya explains to Kandi that Nene is probably just tired, but it is still baffling to her as well because there have been many times where Nene has mocked her when she spoke about her motherless issues. 

RHOA_NeNe_s_Emotional_Walk_Off (1)

All agreed to show support.  Nene returns after fixing her makeup. Dr. Jeff mentions that Nene feels betrayed by other women who are no longer on the show, who didn’t show any real appreciation for Nene helping them get on TV.  Ok, I guess she and Kim have made up because they are doing the road trip special. Regardless, it seems that Nene needs validation, because she never received it from her parents. The remainder of the reunion is all about verbally hugging Nene and letting her know how great and strong she is. Okay. 


As Andy is wrapping up the reunion, Nene asks Dr. Jeff again to admit that he handled the “cowncelling” session wrong. She wanted to hear him say ‘you’re right, I’m wrong.” Instead, Dr. Jeff, with kid gloves, simply tells Nene that if he had known all of her background, any good doctor would have made the necessary adjustments.  Kandi gives an eye roll, Andy asks for a group hug and that is a wrap. We all know how this turned out. Nene is now giving interviews that unmarried women should not allowed on the show. Glad to know she turned a corner. Extreme side-eye. What do y’all think? 


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