Phaedra Parks Talks Kandi Burruss and Explains Why She Didn’t Accept Cynthia Bailey’s Apology

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Bravo should consider a little quality control in the blogs. RHONY’s Sonja Morgan posts a marathon blog every week and Phaedra Parks has almost nothing to say to anyone. She does make time to rip into Cynthia Bailey and what she considers to be a non-apology:

“There’s apologizing and then there is “apologizing.” In one breath Cynthia is telling me she is sorry, and in the next she is lobbing insulting remarks at me. If someone is truly sorry for what they have done or said, it is reflected in their actions. Saying the words “I am sorry” does not mean much if the disrespectful and nasty behavior continues. As a mother, wife, and purported professional, I think Cynthia should have been more responsible and thoughtful from the beginning.”

Isn’t this exactly how Phaedra treats Kenya? Where does Phaedra have room to criticize Cynthia?

“As far as I am concerned, I have no issues with Kandi. I made one comment that has been blown way out of proportion. I love Kandi.”

I think it is odd that Phaedra had every chance in the world to say those words to Kandi at the reunion but didn’t do it.  As long as Phaedra sat next to her new crew, she watched Kandi cry and never said a word to make it clear that she still loved her good friend.  Could her seemingly newfound care for her old  friend be a tacit  admission that her new friends aren’t what she thought they would be? Can you imagine Kandi ever saying to someone, “This ain’t Phaedra, bitch, this ain’t Phaedra?” Ow!


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