The Proof Is In The Pudding! Carole Radziwill DENIES Knowing LuAnn’s Niece

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Carole_LuAnn_Nicole RHONY

Tsk, tsk, Carole! Wasn’t that one gummi bear enough?  It looks like the verbal vomit bucket is getting some more action, because this “Real Housewives of New York” star is continuing to spew nonsense on Twitter.  As earlier reported, the 51-year-old Carole Radziwill has proudly taken up with the much younger Adam Kenworthy, LuAnn de Lesseps’ in home chef, and ex boyfriend of Carole’s co-star’s niece, Nicole Nadeau. 

All About the Tea reported, colorfully illustrated with photos, that Carole indeed knows, and has socialized with LuAnn’s niece. Her ongoing assertion that Nicole is just “LuAnn’s niece,” is simply a chilly and misleading understatement. 

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LuAnn made a comment on the most recently aired episode of the show, claiming that she, Carole, and Nicole had spent girl-time, “talking about Adam”.  There are differing opinions as to what level of relationship Adam and Nicole were engaged in, when the cougar pounce occurred.

Carole begs to differ with the tale that several photos tell, and took to her Twitter account to answer a logical accusation from one of her followers.

Carole Twitter_RHONY

The simplest way to respond would be with another photo, this one taken in April of 2014, just a few scant months before Carole and Adam began their publicly blasted boink-fest. 

LuAnn_Carole_RHONYCarole Radziwill, LuAnn De Lesseps, Nicole Nadeau at A.C.E. Committee Soiree on April 10, 2014

There are certainly differing standards to which women stick to girl code, but there is simply no reality where Carole can claim to not know Nicole Nadeau. Consideration extended to a longtime friend’s family, is obviously not as important as a shot at a young buck, who goes for middle-aged, self-professed hipsters. The digs, even minus a kitchen, is likely a bonus.   


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