Ramona Singer and Mario’s Divorce Battle Heats Up! “Mario Wants To Be Taken Care Of Financially”

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There’s a saying that getting a divorce is like getting into a car accident everyday. For Ramona Singer, star of “Real Housewives of New York,” it’s like a cab-ride accident every day as her divorce war amps up. A source that is clearly #TeamRamona has revealed the “tense situation” that Mario has created by “fighting Ramona tooth and nail in an effort to gain control of their marital assets.” The insider continues,

“Mario is trying to take Ramona for everything she worked so hard to achieve…Ramona earned a lot of the money and he’s going after it.”

There’s another saying, “All is fair in love and war,” but the insider feels that not only is the 61-year old Mario Singer being unfair, he’s acting like a woman.

“Mario is becoming the woman and wants to be taken care of financially in the divorce… Mario is even saying that his business isn’t worth anything.” The insider adds, “Mario has decided not to work so much and to dial down his income.”

So that’s definitely not fair! Mario is reportedly going after both the Southampton home and the NYC apartment the couple own, both featured on RHONY. But isn’t this the art of war? Tossing everything against the wall to see what sticks? The insider feels differently.

“Ramona earned all the money that bought both homes…The home she bought in Southampton, she bought with premarital funds of her own.” The insider adds that, “Ramona also paid for the majority of the New York apartment.”

So what’s Mario been up too? The rumor mill says he “fills his newfound free time” in Florida. In fact, the insider reveals, “This is the way he met his ex-mistress, Kacey Dexter.”

The insider continues to throw shade at Ramona’s philandering, free-loading, soon to be ex-husband.

“Mario is so desperate for women now that Ramona is finally over him that on Facebook he has decreased his age by seven years and put his cell phone number online in order to try and score some dates.”

Radar Online is standing by the fact that they’ve “obtained photos” that verify this but the fact remains, if this were a regular “housewife” going through a divorce, her lawyer would go after the marital assets as well.

The insider hopes that divorce will end soon “so that they both can get on with their lives for the sake of their daughter.”


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