EXCLUSIVE: Revealed! Carole Radziwill and Countess LuAnn’s Niece/Adam Connection Blown Wide Open – See Pics & Timeline

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RHONY LuAnn Collage

The feud between “The Real Housewives of New York” stars, Carole Radziwill and LuAnn de Lesseps is heating up, with LuAnn’s niece, artist Nicole Nadeau, smack in the middle of a verbal firestorm.

Adam Kenworthy was introduced in the beginning episodes as LuAnn’s chef, Carole’s newest boy toy romping partner, and as a dicey side note, the ex-boyfriend of LuAnn’s niece, Nicole Nadeau. Twitter, as well as extra Bravo appearances told the story of a peeved Auntie Lu, and a grasping for youth co-star, both telling stories with conflicting timelines, details, and motives.  Twenty nine year old Chef Adam is likely basking in the glow of the glitzy conflict, pulled between the yet to be clarified apartment flopping relationship with the 51-year-old Carole, and a broken off love affair with de Lessep’s niece, Nicole. 

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What is the real story in this odd reality love triangle, and in an unusual twist, one player blasting another for a believed to be shady, girl-code violation? Carole has maintained that her relationship with young Adam is a mutual conquest, and as a self-professed, irresistible magnet to twenty-somethings, you’re only as old as your newest pair of Jordaches. She has worked overtime to prove to viewers that even though she is in her fifties, she can hang with the elite of the youthful cool. We are only a few episodes in, and Carole has already dropped acid, proudly vomited all over her date, ridden on bicycle handlebars, made a few experimental lesbian references, and expressed the giddy desire to text “screwing emojis” to all of her friends, announcing her new boinking partner.  She did her best to snark snappily, via Twitter.

Carole RHONY tweet about au pair

Ok, Carole, we get it…you don’t have a foot in the grave yet, and you have convinced us all that you are H-I-P. Carole appears to skirt talking about any connection that she and Nicole share, always referring to her as just “LuAnn’s niece.” A little digging confirms LuAnn’s assertion, that Carole and Adam’s ex actually spent time together during the time period of Adam and Nicole’s romance. Carole attended Nicole Nadeau’s solo art show “Portraits of Origin” in Feb of 2012, and was photographed with the artist at another event in April of 2014. Carole could have even been considered a supportive fan of Nadeau. LuAnn’s disappointment in her once loyal friend seems to stem from a logical expectation of an assumed consideration, when family is in the mix. All bets are off, when a cute twenty-something who cooks is up for grabs! 

NICOLE NADEAU Solo Show, "Portraits of Origin"Cara Radziwill, Robyn Kofer, Caryn Matz, Countess LuAnn De Lesseps at Nicole Nadeau’s Solo Show, “Portraits of Origin” Feb 07, 2012

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.57.59 AMNicole Nadeau, LuAnn de Lesseps, Carole Radziwill at “A.C.E. Committee Soiree”April 10, 2014

Carole Radziwill and LuAnn's Niece RHONYNicole Nadeau and Carole Radziwill (A.C.E. Committee Soiree) April 10, 2014

Carole has said more than once that Adam and Nicole had been separated for a year when they met, supposedly in LuAnn’s coastal kitchen. First of all, Carole and Chef Adam looked like they had swapped googly eyes, and possibly even some scandalous emojis by the time of that presented chance meeting. If Nicole and Adam had been split for a year at this point, the photo below paints a cryptically cozy picture of an extremely friendly, fractured couple. It was taken at an event after party, on September 7th, 2014. The cast was filming this current season in September, plunking the date of that photo right into the production timeline of  “Housewives.” This seems to align with Auntie Lu’s assertion that her niece and Adam had been “seeing each other” and “planning a trip together.”RHONY_LuAnn Tweet

Nicole Nadeau, Adam Kenworthy_RHONY_LuAnn's NieceNicole Nadeau and Adam Kenworthy at the FRANKxDKNY After Party on September, 07 2014

It is unclear at this point where Bravo is going with this whole scenario. Nicole Nadeau is not only a Bravo personality’s niece, but gained her own reality show experience when she was featured on the Bravo art competition show, “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.” Could Nicole Nadeau make an appearance, thickening this often cringe-worthy plot? Stay tuned.


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  • cait

    Sorry, folk, my glass eye has gone to sleep !

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    It’s all so middle school, but why are the women dogging each other out, doesn’t the boy in question have any responsibility in this situation?

  • colleen

    Gotta go with Lu on this one

  • pixntrix

    Carole with her better then though attitude seems to be a mess this season. She should have been up front with this situation to avoid all these problems. I would be upset if I was Luann as well.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    I knew Carole was lying through her big ass teeth…her fangs bite her lip when she’s lying hence her dry lips…

  • Team LuAnn on this. Carole’s phony ass is becoming more and more transparent. She clearly knew Nicole and Adam PRIOR and still went ahead and chased Adam down. What she fails to realize is she’s just a rich old lady to him. A FREE couch to crash in NYC. FREE acid and nothing else.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Great scoop and supreme tea!
    That Carole is a dirty dirty beaver…

  • TartLemon

    WTF is really going on that LuAnn needs to throw her niece’s personal life under the bus to have a storyline? I think Countless is disgusting. Carole and the chef can date whoever, whenever they want. It was LuAnn who decided to drag Niece into the national broadcast.

    • side of Sour Cream

      I agree. This one is really reaching. Can’t imagine Lu would care if her Bravo check weren’t in the balance.

  • Birdie

    I wonder how long Carole had her eye on this guy? He is probably hanging on her animal print couch now…ironic that her place has no kitchen…I’ll bet she’s kicking herself for that one.

  • Chloe

    This is my kind of tea! Carole should be ashamed of herself. This makes her look completely desperate.

  • Amy Bee

    Why are they fighting over that guy anyway? He’s kind of doofy. How about Carole and the niece stand side by side, and he gives the one he likes an apple or something?

  • whoopsie2

    Thanks for sorting this out. Now I see why LuLu was sooo mad. Also, this may be a scheme for Lu to get her niece on the show. We will see.

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  • ShannonVL

    Carole needs to stop. #SadCougar

  • Addie2U

    Reading both Carole & LuAnn’s Twitter feeds over the past 2 weeks it appears:

    ♦ Nicole & Adam did break up over a year ago but remained friendly (but NOT dating).

    ♦ Nicole & Adam may (or may not) soon be going on a business trip overseas (but others will also be travelling with them).

    ♦ LuAnn’s putting out there that Nicole still has feelings for him (which Nicole may not appreciate because Adam’s clearly moved on).

    ♦ LuAnn is definitely upset that he once dated her niece but her biggest gripe appears to be she had the “nerve” to flirt with & date her “help”! “Who does that”! (her words, not mine)☺

    Never liked Carole or LuAnn but if Carole wants to date a chef (i.e. “the help”) that’s her prerogative. And LuAnn no longer has to worry about him being her “help” because she fired his ass! I personally don’t understand why a woman would want to date a guy 22yrs younger than her (other than she’s scared shitless of getting old & with Carole – she doesn’t want to lose her “cool” factor which is actually cringe worthy) but again totally her prerogative.
    LuAnn’s Tweets really got down & dirty. They were certainly not countess-like. ☺

    • Baylee Case

      She married INTO the role of Countess, wasn’t born one! She’s divorced from him and living off the Countess title. She’s nothing without that!

      • Addie2U


  • Norrth

    It was so clear there was more to the story. Carole? UGH!

  • dj j

    Carole broke girl code. Not cool sweetie

  • Elle

    Look @ Carole, really, would he even entertain this lil’ old lady if she weren’t rich? No! She’s probably gonna buy him a restaurant or something. I don’t blame him, use her for the $, then go back and beg Luann’s niece’s forgiveness and live happily ever after on Carole’s $!!

  • Nancysue

    That Nicole is a beautiful girl, the picture with Adam they look like a couple to me. Has Nicole spoke out about Adam?

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  • Deborah Lorenzen

    Carole was an au pair?

  • Mcouts

    Can’t stand Carole, Aviva was right about her all along. Carole an aging cougar with a boy toy and “baby”. Lol