Married to Medicine Madness! Did The Cast Force Mariah Huq Off Season 3?

Posted on May 5 2015 - 9:16am by BeachSpin


Married to Medicine may never be the same. Season three is set to kick off, but something is glaringly missing, and the gap is a huge one. Creator, executive producer, and star of the series, Mariah Huq, is cryptically missing from the season 3 promo photo, after being featured in the released season three network teaser video. So what gives? 


That is the question that hoards of fans are asking on social media, and many have expressed confused outrage at the apparent network diss. The fan outcries were deafening: 

Married to Medicine Tweets

Mariah Huq has been a fan favorite since Season one, and was considered a breakout Bravo star. She and bestie, Quad, comprised a fun to watch duo, but things went south fast by the second season, following a major falling out. The incident caused their once solid friendship to crash and burn. The former best friends supposedly split over a disagreement rooted in fame, and the ongoing struggle to be on top. Public off-camera arguments were witnessed, and the second season of the show focused on their post friendship fallout.

Quad morphed into a fame hungry diva, appearing to be bent on taking Mariah down. As season three sets to launch on June 7, and Mariah fades from the foreground, the natural viewer question asks….did Quad have anything to do with cast or production manipulation, aimed to shove the creator of “Married to Medicine” out of the spotlight? 

Due to the fan outcry, Mariah has taken to her Facebook, to share what has been going on behind the scenes, and clarify her position on the disappointing turn of events.

Mariah Huq Married to Medicine FB post

Mariah Huq Married to Medicine

Fans of the show know that Mariah tragically miscarried twins during the filming of season three. The power struggle is real, but Mariah has proven herself to be a formidable opponent, who will not shrink to fight for what is rightfully hers. We wish her luck, as she seeks resolution.


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  • Dani-K

    How tragic to miscarry twins. And then to be knocked down to “friends” status. Maybe the blessing in disguise is that she gets a spin off show.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Mariah is the show. The producers made a crave mistake in their decision not to mention she’s the catalyst for the show to begin with.

  • This blog is totally plausible! Mariah is and will always be my favorite in M2M. I loved her from season one. Quad, Toya and Dr. HEAVY needs to go. Dr. HEAVY came on hating from the start. You could tell she had a bone to pick with Mariah and was never truly Mariah’s friend. It’s a shame because Mariah gave her and all them bishes a platform. #TeamMariah

    • Bad Barbie

      I agree. I cant stand Quad. She is a snake.

      • lovely15

        Words from my mouth.

    • Deborah Grimes


  • Birdie

    How can the creator and exec producer of the show be shoved out? Hopefully fan pressure will bring her back!

    • Bad Barbie

      Because she worked out a deal with the production team, which Bravo outsources at times.

      • Deborah Grimes

        Actually, ousting the Creator and EP is NEVER done! That is what makes this so outrageous. And, the Huqs chose POP, just as they chose Bravo. They had no idea that their would be people piled on the stack the deck against them.

    • Thelight

      @Birdie, do you really think they can just take her s@$t! like this? I hope Mariah has a contract that will not make her powerless, production company or not, this is her baby and no one should be able to jack it from it’s rightful owner. Mariah, will need a new production team ASAP! The Black man who created Bernie Mac’s was booted out. I hope Mariah returns, but not with that crooked ass production company. If I don’t see Mariah on film next week I’ll have to be done, even though I really like Dr. Jackie,Dr. Simone and Dr. Heavenly.

  • Chloe

    The ratings will decline considerably without the Huq family. Those nasty women came for her but she stood her ground. Never backing down. When one door closes another and better will open.

  • honeybunny

    I won’t be watching. This would have been teh worst show if it werent for Mariah.

  • Justsayit65

    Mariah invested her own money and created the show Married to Medicine. The production team she partnered with are crooks. The cast members, some friends and other acquaintances have betrayed her. With friends like these who needs enemies. To all women and those striving to be creative and successful in TV production, we should not allow this to be a precedent on how we are treated. We should never be silent and watch someone be treated with disrespect. May GOD bless Mariah and her beautiful family. I’m NOT WATCHING!

    • Deborah Grimes

      Bless you for this.

  • HoyesMiGente

    Not a fan of Mariah. or Quad, or Toya. Or that awful dentist woman.

  • Pony Mama

    I especially wasn’t into Mariah, her histrionics and tropical eye shadow, mixed with her manic wildabeest in headlights eyes creeped me out. The first two seasons I thought were too ghetto and yucky to ever more than glance at, but I will give it a shot now that they have pushed this aliexpress 36″ u part wig out to pasture.

    • Deborah Grimes

      So you actually support stealing someone else’s creative vision, for no other reason than greed? If so, you are as pathetic as they are. No morals, no integrity, no character, no class and no heart. I feel for anyone who has anything to do with you. #Can’tBeTrusted

      • lovely15

        You got that right, that tells a person character

  • Yolie

    Team Mariah! I’m not watching without her. Period.

  • Bad Barbie

    Oh that sucks that she miscarried. My prayers are with her and her family.

  • italiano bambino

    Idk but who claim her to be fan favorite? Woman and her mom are pure trash couldn’t stand her mighty attitude with I’m the Queen Bee and bow to me. Woman is f nuts. Any who glad the show is back

    • Trippinhhard

      Not me I stopped watching last season, they ALL turned against her. The blogs and the reunion only. Ijs

  • Trippinhhard

    I stop watching when Quad trembling lips was crying, I love when her husband told her off.. The two doctors and one said I’m a doctor, you’re a dentist, and the other doctor turned on Mariah in season one or two.. I stopped watching and watched the reunion and read the blogs.. I surely won’t watch at all. I so sorry for her double loss of two miscarriages..
    Remember when one door closes another door will open. I was more ashamed last season of all three doctors, and Quad I said from season was a messy child…keep you head up Mariah..
    God bless you and your family.. I think you were fun and standing up for yourself… I also think your mother talked too much… I wonder did the crazy one she had a fight with get that lease home they couldn’t afford. They all turned her her…

    • When Quad’s hubby told her she forgot where she came from for acting like her dog was their child, I lived! I shouted “Go Gregory!!!!” Quad is an ugly ass wannabe…can’t stand that heffa. I love Mariah and her family. I’m pissed the production company is doing her dirty like this.

      • Trippinhhard

        Hey Dr. I like Gregory attitude period.. He told her on several occasions, that she was going overboard and he’s a psychologist with a masters degree. I love him and Cecil.
        I will not watch…

      • Bad Barbie

        Something has to be wrong with Quad. I swear she is not normal.

      • lovely15

        Quad is sooooo Phony, Please

    • lovely15

      I agree, what is Bravo doing?

      • Trippinhhard

        Anything to make MONEY…

  • Portia Smith

    Yes I think that thirsty fame whore Quad did intentionally plot along with a few of the others to take over her show.Quad wants to be Mariah so bad it’s sickening.Poor Mariah didn’t have any idea that King Cobra Snake Quad had it out for her from the beginning.Mariah will always be the Star and Creator of this show. I guarantee this will be the last season when the fans realize what’s going on.Team Mariah Forever!!!

    • Karma

      Hi Portia well said totally agree, what bothers me is some fans don’t like Lucy , I don’t like Lucy but I like Mariah & i can separate her from her mother.

      Can’t see this show lasting with out Mariah.

      Quad is a big famewhore snake then we have the bible basher Simone I like the other obgyn can’t remember her name is boring .

      I’m guessing 5 his maybe the last season of MTM

  • Lila

    So sorry about her babies… So sad.

  • Thelight

    Mariah and her family have to be apart of her baby, I want to watch MTM, but I’ll stop watching if she is excluded because after watching tonights episode, I missed mariah at the party and just watching how Quad is trying to be the light is not going to work for me at all! #TeamMariah

    • Thelight

      I didn’t think i would continue to watch M2M but I have and I just continue to love the show, I’ll stay with them, because RHOA IS TIRED!

  • Kori Majhor

    I’m done! This show will not make it without Mariah.

    • KenHay

      I agree.

    • Thelight

      Yes it will and it is, but I’d love to see her come back when she’s 100% healthy again

  • S**Jacobs

    Mariah is just plain crazy! Her & her mother Lucy. Mariah was involved in a hand to hand combat in season 1. Sorry, but that should be grounds for firing no matter who you are. I hated the way she walked around last season stating “I am queen bee”. Just totally disgusting. Glad to know she is not on this season. I was sorry to read about the loss of her babies & pray she is able to recover quickly from that.

    • Thelight

      I always said Mariah should NOT! Have gotten into that fight with Toya, whose not even at her level, she didn’t control herself as someone in a leadership role, see this is why I love Dr. Jackie, you won’t see her knocking over tables and people.

  • ♥Sugar&Spice♥

    I miss Mariah and am seriously considering not watching anymore of the show. It’s just not feeling right.

  • kimi_is_pissed

    I’m sorry for her personal loss, but I’d be lying if I said I miss her on the show. I DO NOT! And I really don’t ever need to see that mother of hers again. I’m just starting to recover from the horror of that face and the horrible personality that came with it. Good riddance!

  • ShiningStar

    I cannot stand Quad. She is soo thirsty to be on top. All she cares about are those dogs and having more status than everybody else. She is a snake. I wouldn’t put it past her to have done something low down to keep Mariah from returning this season. I can’t with this show anymore.

    • Karma

      Amen shinningstar


  • Chocolate Beautiful

    So, how is the show doing without Mariah? Does anyone know?

    • cati

      It’s better.

      • Worse without Mariah. Ratings are at an all-time low. Network may not renew.

        • kimi_is_pissed

          That’s fine. I’d rather there be no show than a show with that hoodrat and her nasty mother.

          • Marcy Scrot

            Especially with her not telling her daughter she was adopted because she was waiting for a good time. A good time would have been when it happened not years later when it will be traumatizing. No use for someone who does that.

    • KenHay

      Not good, it’s still full of drama.

    • Ratings have declined drastically.

  • cati

    I LOVE the show without her and her ghetto mother. Quad is hilarious!

  • memyselfandi

    Used to like Atlanta but these ghetto queens and the Atlanta housewhores really give it a bad reputation.

  • Karma

    I think the show will be boring without Mariah, Quad is a try hard fake the show will be boring I’m not watching.

    I truly hope Mariah gets her wish & falls pregnant again & is able to carry to term

  • Saxony Redd

    There is definitely a HUGE hole in this show with Mariah and her beautiful family. Mariah and her hubby make a fabulous couple. I am a Black woman and I love middle eastern men, I wish more Black women would date them. Mariah, keep your ambitions up and come back to the show. No one can dim your light!

  • jusstlooking

    just saw a clip with Queen Mariah. I shall LIVE. ILOVEMARIAH, she is all things FABULOUS.

  • Beverly Kotrina McDaniel

    Too much drama

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  • Marcy Scrot

    I’m glad she’s gone, Too much ego for a do nothing.