Married to Medicine Madness! Did The Cast Force Mariah Huq Off Season 3?

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Married to Medicine may never be the same. Season three is set to kick off, but something is glaringly missing, and the gap is a huge one. Creator, executive producer, and star of the series, Mariah Huq, is cryptically missing from the season 3 promo photo, after being featured in the released season three network teaser video. So what gives? 


That is the question that hoards of fans are asking on social media, and many have expressed confused outrage at the apparent network diss. The fan outcries were deafening: 

Married to Medicine Tweets

Mariah Huq has been a fan favorite since Season one, and was considered a breakout Bravo star. She and bestie, Quad, comprised a fun to watch duo, but things went south fast by the second season, following a major falling out. The incident caused their once solid friendship to crash and burn. The former best friends supposedly split over a disagreement rooted in fame, and the ongoing struggle to be on top. Public off-camera arguments were witnessed, and the second season of the show focused on their post friendship fallout.

Quad morphed into a fame hungry diva, appearing to be bent on taking Mariah down. As season three sets to launch on June 7, and Mariah fades from the foreground, the natural viewer question asks….did Quad have anything to do with cast or production manipulation, aimed to shove the creator of “Married to Medicine” out of the spotlight? 

Due to the fan outcry, Mariah has taken to her Facebook, to share what has been going on behind the scenes, and clarify her position on the disappointing turn of events.

Mariah Huq Married to Medicine FB post

Mariah Huq Married to Medicine

Fans of the show know that Mariah tragically miscarried twins during the filming of season three. The power struggle is real, but Mariah has proven herself to be a formidable opponent, who will not shrink to fight for what is rightfully hers. We wish her luck, as she seeks resolution.


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