UPDATED: FIGHT! Cops Called To Break Up A Fight Between Wendy Williams And Nene Leakes

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Nene Leakes

Last weekend in Atlanta, at The Ultimate Women’s Expo, the shade was flying. The rivalry between “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, NeNe Leakes, and talk show diva, Wendy Williams, is showing no signs of slowing down. Is this how “ultimate women” conduct themselves? Girl, bye! According to the Daily Mail,

“Things got off to a bad start between” NeNe and Wendy even before the event started. Kevin Hunter, Wendy’s husband/manager “demanded that  organizers move the reality star’s neighboring dressing room away from his wife’s.”

We all know how NeNe feels about men getting involved in women’s business and, excuse me, but shouldn’t this have been worked out before the event. According to sources, Hunter was “adamant that he wanted his wife nowhere near NeNe” and told then “to move her as far away as possible.”

Here’s how NeNe handled the situation. After Wendy gave her speech  “10 rules every woman should live by,” NeNe took to the stage and let everyone know, “I’m your homegirl — I live my life as an open book, and I’m happy I don’t need 10 rules to live by!”

Apparently, Wendy’s husband “exploded backstage at the diss” telling organizers to remove NeNe’s “motherf**king a$$ off the stage” and to “cut that bitch’s mic off.” A friend of Nene’s, Diana Gowins, then “confronted Hunter, as Leakes continued to deliver her speech onstage” unaware of the drama going on.


Hunter then “left the event prematurely with Williams, who was busy autographing copies of her book, leading to event organizers issuing refunds for those who did not get their copies signed.”

The insider also alleges that “the event organizers and security were waiting for them (Wendy and husband) and four police officers escorted them off the premises and to their waiting car.”

Later that night, NeNe appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen adopting an attitude of total innocence.

“I didn’t even see Wendy or her husband today,” she said. “A lot happened backstage with her husband, I heard…Just because I was on stage, he went completely crazy, I heard.”

Nene Leakes leaving Expo with Police RHOA_Watermarked


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