Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Kenya Moore Exposes Phaedra’s Boob Job BEFORE Apollo Went To Prison!

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Andy starts off the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion part two with the status of the $20K that was promised to Detroit Public Schools (my hometown holla!). Roll that beautiful bean footage: Bravo reminds us that it was actually NeNe’s suggestion, in an attempt to embarrass Kenya’s lack of coins, when she threw down the gauntlet and said she will put up $20k and Kenya must match her, now pick a charity. Kenya picked the DPS. NeNe agreed to the bet. Present Day: Kenya says she has paid the money to DPS and they acknowledged receipt of the funds.  Andy asks NeNe did she pay and she says, “NO, I DIDN’T AND NOBODY GON TELL ME WHEN I SHOULD PAY.” Okay. 


NeNe also says Kenya made a mockery out of charity by posting her payment check on Twitter. Kenya responds that because she and her crew are always spreading so many lies about her, she felt she had to post proof of payment. Linnethia just pay the money…or don’t. Detroit is doing just fine without your $20k trust me. #DetroitVsEverybody #StillStanding

RHOA_Kenya Moore_RHOA Reunion Season 7

Cynthia found her voice! Bravo shows clips of Cynthia shutting folks down left and right because she is no longer living in Da Casa of Nene’s posterior.  She checks Porsha (Nene’s newest lapdog, Playa 2.0) about keeping her name out of her mouth when it comes to her marriage. She tells Porsha to basically pack her long chin and wigs and go. Cynthia checks Phaedra at their sit down when Phaedra tries to imply that Cynthia broke the rule on tea spilling because she didn’t check her facts. Cynthia asks “oh did you check your facts when you put out the lie about Kenya offering to be Apollo’s head doctor?” Say what you want but Cynthia’s reading is truly fundamental. Effortless. NeNe and Porsha constantly refer to Cynthia as the mean girl. Aww. Cynthia says to survive in this group you have to have a voice and it doesn’t hurt to be a bitch too. I agree. Cynthia cannot understand why it was so easy for Phaedra to forgive NeNe who shaded her constantly and denied even knowing her for years but she cannot accept Cynthia’s apology for repeating what her own husband, Apollo, said to everyone. 


Phaedra basically ignores Cynthia’s point and, as usual, makes a snide remark about someone’s looks, citing Cynthia’s filler in her “new face.” (Phaedra herself has had some work done, allegedly, but we will talk about that later). Cynthia schools Phaedra about trying to shade her for making coins being a plus size model. Plus size modeling starts at a size 8 so get with it, boo!  Cynthia finally shuts Phaedra down with “Win a case!” Phaedra mentions Peter’s lawsuits that have nothing to do with Cynthia. #JustMessy #NobodyBroughtUpTheJailBird


Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship is as nonexistent as NeNe’s input at this reunion. Bravo shows footage of Kandi being slammed by #TeamBeast about how she has not been a good friend to poor ole Phaedra who is now losing her huzzband. Forget all the ride or die moments Kandi had with her BFF in the past, even before ‘Real Housewives.’ Phaedra actually says she was “on the run” and Kandi didn’t reach out to her. She didn’t invite her to her parties nor did she call (text) her daily, like NeNe did. Kandi retorts that although they have always been close, they never spoke daily. Kandi says not only did she defend Phaedra and gave Apollo the business on the night he apologized to Kenya for lying on her, but she also was the one who ran to Phaedra (off camera) FIRST when Apollo came over to their house and showed them text messages about Mr. Chocolate. 


Kandi is extremely hurt and offended that Phaedra would use something as inconsequential as not texting her back right away to turn on her, when Phaedra even admitted that at times she sent text messages to the wrong phone. There is a lot of back and forth and even NeNe tries to throw Porsha under the bus, TWICE, by saying Porsha was “way vocal” about why Phaedra should dump Kandi as a friend. Kandi basically tells Porsha to mind her own business. Kandi then lets the viewers know that she has always supported Phaedra. Even when Phaedra graduated and received her degree as a mortician Kandi cancelled her entire scheduled and drove hours to attend the graduation. Kandi also tweeted about Phaedra’s graduation on her timeline. I saw that personally. Phaedra doesn’t have dog in this fight and so she apologizes to Kandi and admits being a one sided friend. Turn off the oven Phaedra because this friendship is done.

RHOA Reunion Collage Kandi and Phaedra

Andy points out that NeNe has lost a lot of friends on this show. NeNe says “that’s not true!” He also asks does she miss Sheree and Kim. NeNe says that what she misses is the fact that both Sheree and Kim stayed in their lane. Yes Nene, the new ladies on the show are not afraid of you and will speak up. That is not acceptable to Linnethia, the star of RHOA. Cynthia points out that Sheree and Kim actually said quite a bit on the show (true, Nene once ran to Cynthia’s home in tears when Sheree ousted Nene’s car repossession when she was acting all high and mighty cashing Trump Checks.)  Andy asks NeNe if she saw Sheree today would she at least be cordial. NeNe says no, I wouldn’t do anything but say hi. I can’t.  #AMindIsATerribleThingToWaste.


Next, they are joined by the remaining husbands: Peter, Todd and Gregg. Andy and the ladies joke about Peter’s new nicknames: Patricia and Lupita. Peter says he doesn’t give a phuck what anyone thinks about him. He will say whatever the phuck he wants to say and speak his mind, especially when it comes to defending his wife. Andy asks  Nene her thoughts. NeNe says “Nothing!”  Peter says you always have something to say. This is when Gregg remembers he is on the payroll and pipes up and adds that he is a man’s man and worries about his swag and not getting into “woman’s” business.  He supports his woman (boss) Nene and is on her right side (sack).  The church on the couch says Amen.

RHOA Reunion_Peter Thomas

They discuss how much it is raining Africans on the show. Andy reads a viewer’s question to Porsha about dating a married old African man. Porsha’s denial is that nobody has seen her in a picture with him, but if he is a prince, she will be princess Porsha #FixItJesus. Bravo of course shows the clip of her good friend NeNe telling the world that Porsha’s out of the country boo buys her a Bentley but cannot fix her broken doorbell. Nice. They discuss once again, Mr. Chocolate. Andy asks Kenya why she was willing to believe Apollo after he lied on her. Kenya pointed out that Apollo had no choice but to admit he lied about her because he never had proof of text messages that said she asked to be his Head Doctor or meet him in L.A. On the other hand, he had actually text messages from Phaedra’s phone to and from Mr. Chocolate. She said she also believed it because Phaedra is a known liar. She is a fraud.  She lies about everything on the show and spread lies about other people. Andy asked Peter and Kandi if they believe what Apollo told them. Kandi said it best:  she never denied actually believing it but she said as much cheating as Apollo has done on Phaedra (inside tea because she was Phaedra’s BFF)  if Phaedra went and got her some dark chocolate, well then Apollo had it coming. Oooh Whee. 


Phaedra attempts to dig her way out to explain once again why she just wanted to readily believe Apollo’s lies about Kenya. This was because of the way Kenya “behaves herself.” Kenya’s fire is lit once again and she goes off. She says Phaedra cannot admit anything truthful. She says Phaedra won’t admit to wearing a weave which she is wearing today, AND she won’t admit to getting a boob job #Tea! Kenya says even a blind man can see that Phaedra has new boobs. What is telling is that she had this procedure while she was just so distressed about Apollo going to prison.   Andy asks Phaedra if she had the surgery performed after Apollo went to prison. Phaedra says no. Kenya repeats it was BEFORE he went to prison and by the way good job because they look nice #SmoothShade. 

RHOA_RHOA Reunion Season 7

Phaedra deflects and calls Kenya a boob expert and brings up Kenya’s flirting with Apollo in Anguilla. Kenya says everyone flirts on the show. NeNe even flirted with Peter. That was the statement that woke up sleeping Linnethia who travelled in the white Olivia Pope pantsuit, “Now you wait JUST A COTDAYUM MINUTE BISH! I DO NOT FLIRT EVER! ASK PEE-TER! ASK PET – TER! I’M NOT PHAEDRA BITCH! YOU WON’T DISRESPECT ME AND MY HUZZBAND, NO YOU WON’T!” Kenya replies “I just did!” Boom! Gregg tries to calm down his boss, NeNe and jokes by saying lamely “well if they did flirt with each other I won.” #Awkward. Kenya says yeah you won some prize. NeNe keeps cussin… Andy asks Peter but Peter says he cannot over talk NeNe’s mouth. It’s on!


The conclusion next week: Gregg point blank asks Pet-ER if he and NeNe use to flirt (ah grandpa did you NOT watch the show while living in the basement those seasons?), Todd speaks about prenupGATE, Cynthia and NeNe go at it again about their dead friendship, Peter says they all owe Kenya an apology and then…THE NENE BREAKDOWN. 

One more week y’all…just one more.

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