Nene Leakes Says She Hires and Fires & Deflects About Not Donating To The Detroit Public Schools

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

NeNe Leakes teamed up with SNL’s Cecily Strong during the post-reunion part 2 airing of “Watch What Happens Live,” and it didn’t take long for a caller to push one of NeNe’s hot buttons. When the million dollar question was asked, questioning if her aging donation promise targeted to the Detroit Public School Foundation was honored, NeNe was off to the verbal races. A response to the curious viewer morphed into a rant against Andy Cohen, for daring to approach the touchy subject.

“Please stop asking me about that. I don’t care what these people ask you. I will do what I want to do when I want to do it.  Let’s be very clear about that. They can Tweet and ask you anything they want to.  I do what I want to do.  I’m not going to be forced to do anything.” 

NeNe reiterates her asserted reunion position adding,

“I’m gonna tell you this.  When it comes down to charity, it should not be made out of a mockery.  It shouldn’t be anything you’re talking about constantly on your show, on social media.  The idea was that you don’t make charity out of a mockery. You’re doing something from the goodness of your heart and want to donate to charity, you donate the right way. Who writes a check and posts it on social media and tries to say ‘I’m donating to charity’? People donate to charity in private.  Nobody does that bullshit.” 


Any regular viewer will remember that this challenge was issued by NeNe, not Kenya, during last season’s reunion show. Both women procrastinated completing the challenge, but Kenya did eventually make good, writing the promised check last October. Kenya posted the update on social media likely because of the endless back and forth banter, which essentially questioned both cast mates’ integrity and true intentions. The bottom line is that NeNe challenged Kenya…Kenya paid…and NeNe did not, soundly answering that question, no matter what shady excuse NeNe throws. NeNe responds to a viewer question, asking who she would boot to the Housewife unemployment line, if she had her way.

“I’m like the show runner I guess. I hire and fire everybody. I have been given that position for some reason. As soon as I say something, everybody’s like ‘oh she tryin’ to get me fired.’ Apparently they’re not secure in their jobs. The moment I say a name I get all this flak about ‘she’s trying to get me fired.’  Who do I think should go? I already said it before, I think we have too many girls that are single around the show. I think we should have more married women around the show.” 

NeNe asserts that the single angle could be interesting, if dating was part of the storyline.

“They ain’t been on a date that we can see. That would be great, that as a married woman we could be like ‘oh my god girl, so what happened on your date last night.’  We don’t need to do any of that because none of them are dating.  But they’re all fine and beautiful and think they can catch everything.” 


A caller asks NeNe has she changed since season one?

“I don’t know.  I think I’m still the same NeNe, but I have to say I’ve definitely grown from season 1.  You have to grow. I get asked this all the time.  ‘You’ve changed’ and was thinking ‘damn, was I supposed to be the same’? You have to change over the years.  There’s no way possible I could still be the same person as seven years ago. That’s crazy.” 

Someone who is reportedly not impressed with Leakes is Wendy Williams’ husband, who was allegedly heard throwing some shade of his own this past weekend.  NeNe made an appearance at the Atlanta Women’s Expo, and evidently not everyone in attendance was a fan. Stay tuned for details. 


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