Kenya Moore: “I Will Always Be a Queen”

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Kenya Moore sees the reunion as a way for women to get closure and move on beyond the season. While I think the idea is interesting and philosophically sound, I see reunions differently. I see them as opportunities to rip the scab off of a freshly healed wound, at least in this franchise…and I am hoping you weren’t eating when you read that comparison. How else can you explain how women who have made peace come to the reunion loaded as if they are hunting big game? When asked about Phaedra and Porsha, Ms. Moore had the following to say: 

“Speaking of opening old wounds, I was respectful toward Phaedra during the conversation, but it’s clear that after our truce, she still wants to call me a whore and liken me to other “whores in the bible.” God doesn’t like ugly. Maybe sitting alone on the sofa now is confirmation.” 

That has OUCH written all over it. I don’t know that being seated alone on the couch is God’s  punishment for Ms. Parks, but I am disturbed that most of her biblical references are used to viciously (and misogynistically) demean other women. Other than Nene’s presence during the reunion, what could have happened between these two that would so quickly bend Ms. Parks back in the direction of  the decidedly cruel and lazy “whore” talk again?  If you brag about holding five degrees, use them for a higher purpose, please wordsmith you way beyond calling women “whores” in variant ways.

“There was a part of me that was hopeful about getting an apology for being physically attacked at the last reunion, since that would mean the past was behind us. You have to own what you do wrong in life. Children are taught that you don’t hit anyone first or at all. Whether provoked or not, isolated incident or not, physically attacking someone is legally and morally incomprehensible. As such, doing the right thing should be easy. But this is the same person whose grandfather was a greatly respected civil rights activist who fought for non-violence, yet thinks the Underground Railroad was an actual train that took people to freedom.” 

I think the other point that was made during the reunion, and that definitely should have been made, here, is that Ms. Williams’ grandfather was assaulted by virulent racists looking for a reason to take his life. He never lost his composure. He was a man of great compassion and great strength. A scepter (or specter, your choice) pointed in his direction would not have caused him to reach over another person, to physically attack a third person. The idea that the scepter was right in Ms. Williams’ face, waved in a threatening manner, has been debunked by the actual footage of the show…. and ok, just NO! on ‘specter”…NO! 

“In typical fashion, Phaedra attacks my character in a preplanned soliloquy. But in her own words, her “THOT” friend thinks that spreading your legs wide open and accepting gifts from married men is admirable. Yet, it’s basically teaching young girls that having a square card reader between your butt cheeks is how one becomes “blessed” and “successful.”

OUCH, and also, needs stitches around here?  Talk about ripping someone one. Square card reader? Wow. I am sure it was not a happy day in Thotlandia. 

“That’s why I will always be a Queen, literally and figuratively, because when I am wrong, I can apologize, forgive, and move forward. I can love, though I have not always been loved, and I can be talented and successful on my own merit without needing men to finance my lifestyle, and I can be the bigger person when others try to bring me down.” 

Any questions?  Good.  Let the children stay on the children’s couch and long live the Queen! The Queen is not done: 

“Some viewers ask why there are single women on a show about Housewives. It’s simple — every Real Housewife franchise has single women, from Beverly Hills to OC to NY to Atlanta. With that said, there are only two Housewives on RHOA that are currently not married, Claudia and myself. In fact, approximately 43 percent of all Black women have never been married. My journey is not unlike the many Black single women who watch our show. Nearly half of Black women want to be married and find true love but are not willing to settle or can’t find the right man. NeNe and her puppet would like everyone to think it’s better to be in a horrible marriage rather than be single.” 

First Claudia Jordan #dropsmic and now Kenya Moore does the same. Puppet? Horrible marriage? She goes on to tell us that fans rooted for her and showed her much love when she was on The Millionaire Matchmaker. It should be known that her presence, along with Cynthia Bailey’s, helped the show earn its highest ratings to date.


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