EXCLUSIVE: Did Phaedra Parks Use Broken Friendship Storyline With Kandi To Divert From Her TRUE Reality?

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Kandi, Phaedra, Nene RHOA

One of the more cryptic aspects of the recently concluded season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” was the confusing breakdown of the friendship between Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss.  The viewers were led to believe that Kandi was selfishly not supportive of Phaedra’s prison widow plight, which supposedly sent Phaedra into the arms of the uncharacteristically sympathetic NeNe Leakes. Phaedra and Kandi have a long history of bestie loyalty, and something about this scenario simply does not ring true. A little digging uncovered a scenario that makes much more sense, and although it’s just a rumor, the pieces fit together in a way that is much more logical than the puzzle that Parks and Bravo have been presenting.

The logical scenario asserts that Kandi Burruss was well aware that Phaedra Parks was cheating on Apollo with the alleged “Mr. Chocolate.” That knowledge would explain her seemingly uncomfortable and neutral stance when Apollo’s cheating accusations were discussed, which was indignantly interpreted by Phaedra as unsupportive. Kandi made comments during Part two of the reunion, which appeared to be a dodging of a likely alleged belief that would nail Parks in the affair. Was Kandi trying to maintain a shred of integrity, especially in the eyes of her husband Todd, while balancing on the already shaky friendship fence with Phaedra? “As much dirt and drama and stress as he as caused her, if she wanted to meet somebody else then fine…he deserved it.  I didn’t believe it to be anything, I ain’t got time.”

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It is not a stretch to believe that Phaedra was angry that Kandi didn’t go out on a limb to back her up in her hard fought fidelity claim. This believed diss could have been just the beginning of a carefully thought out plot manipulation, designed to serve Parks in far bigger ways than a viewer could imagine. 

Parks sat for a five hour deposition last June, as part of a defamation lawsuit she was seeking against Angela Stanton, author of ‘Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.’ The book candidly exposes Apollo and Phaedra’s alleged scams involving check and theft fraud, which resulted in Angela taking the fall, and Phaedra wriggling free. Parks was accused of being evasive, shifty, and unprofessional during the deposition, and was also supposedly caught in lies, making it necessary to remind a LAWYER that her testimony was under the penalty of perjury. 

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Last June would have marked the beginning of this past season’s filming period. Parks was strangely absent from cast involvement during this period of time. In early October, Stanton’s lawyer filed a second ‘Motion to Compel,’ forcing Parks into being deposed for a second time, in direct response to her ornery refusal to full disclosure during the first round. Filming was still underway at this point, with the ongoing legal drama remaining successfully concealed in the background of Parks’ reality.

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So how does a slippery southern belle keep the on-camera banter directed away from the real tea? One way would be to throw a friend to the wolves, and create an overblown friendship crisis, which is what many believe Phaedra accomplished with her hyped up beef with Kandi. One look at the duo’s reunion exchange reveals a confused and hurt Burruss, facing off with an emotionless, smug, and seemingly calculated Parks. A forever changed relationship combined with a successfully diverted plot, adds up to a probable mission accomplished for the shady Parks.

Parks also went out of her way to convince the Bravo audience that her felon baby daddy turned husband, was violent and dangerous.  Echoed by her mother, Parks accused Apollo of being a danger to their family, as well as a potential arsonist. No one would argue that Apollo is a career criminal, but unless you call waving a drill around life threatening, there was little evidence of Parks or their children being in any real danger. Common sense tells us that the supposed fresh plastic surgery, and her mirror obsessed Season 7 look, contradicts the impression of a depressed wife and mother in crisis.

Phaedra Parks makes many references to the fact that she had “so much going on” and she was going through “all this stuff.” What Parks really meant by those statements is up for debate, and could truly mean something completely different than what the Bravo viewer believes. 


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