Claudia Jordan: Porsha, Stop Running Your Mouth About Me At Work!

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There are two things that make it clear to me that you really want to stay on Claudia Jordan’s good side. The first is that she is just a nice person. Whenever she talks about her friends and acquaintances, it is with a genuine warmth and kindness. The second point is that she’s quick. When Ms.  Jordan lets go, it is always better to be at her side than in her line of sight. Someone should have warned Ms. Porsha. Not only was Claudia Jordan cool as a cucumber for her first (but hopefully not last) reunion, she was not surprised that Porsha came for her:

“She’s been quite stank all season. The last time I was surprised at her actions was when we met for lunch way back in the very beginning of the season, because up until a week prior, I thought we were cool enough. Not friends, BFFs, or besties, but cordial acquaintances. But when she kept doing little catty things, I saw what it was. Looking back I understand. I was the new girl, and when a new girl comes on the scene, not all the women will embrace new energy and new personalities; some will automatically feel threatened. I for one love meeting new women and making friends.”

I just want to remind everyone that Porsha had not yet lost her peach when filming began, as has been the excuse some have made for her bad behavior. Ms. Williams was not brought on in “friend of” status; she fully expected to maintain her status. Her treatment of Ms. Jordan was all her own doing, and I have to say that after the attack on Kenya Moore at the last reunion, that “stank” attitude most likely helped make the producer’s decision to demote her a heck of a lot easier. She didn’t do herself any favors this reunion, either, with the assertion that she still does not owe Kenya Moore an apology for the vicious attack of the last reunion. Sir Andy was shocked. I’m sure most of us weren’t. Jordan goes on to say:

“I think there is nothing more powerful than a group of talented, beautiful, and intelligent women. Check out my Instagram and see the crew I roll with on the daily. It’s clear that I live by that. I’ve never been intimidated or jealous of any other women. I embrace my lovely friends, because I respect them and how they handle their business. I love meeting new people and look forward to learning new things from new acquaintances I make. So to be so closed minded about another person right out of the gate and create a “reason” for it after the fact is just dumb. But at this point, dumbness does not shock me nor does ignorance.”

Bravo has a chance to re-make the RHOA into something spectacular, instead the hot sticky mess it became by the time Porsha joined the show and turned it (down, not up).  I think we need more successful ATL housewives with the same attitude and ability to bring something useful to the show.

“I do want to address one of the lies Ms. Williams told about me at the reunion. I never asked around town for the tea. Porsha started making it clear to the world she had an issue with me, even though I had no idea why. I then heard some completely unsolicited gossip from my friends, but I kept it under my hat — I mean it was juicy, but it was really none of my concern outside of gossip, and I certainly was not seeking it out. And it would have remained there forever had she had not become so nasty to me. At the end of the day, I don’t care what and whom that girl allows to enter her bat cave. But just keep it polite and cute towards me. Don’t get caught out there loudly running your mouth about me in hallways. Don’t be shady at work.”

I have to admit, I too, was shocked by the late-in-the-game accusations that Claudia had been asking about her around town. It never came up in the multiple verbal altercations they had this past season. It didn’t even come up when news about the mis-delivered Bentley registry papers  was shared.  Why did it come up at the reunion? Jordan goes on to say:

“Don’t make statements to NeNe slandering me and Kenya, talking about our legs being up in the air and criticizing us for not being married, then complain that folks are slandering you. It’s quite simple. And if you know in your real life how you get down, it might be in your best interest not to poke fun, egg on, and laugh at another woman being wrongly accused of doing what you do, because you might mess around and taunt someone that will get with you and spill your room-temperature tea. #DropsMic”

BOOM, baby! And that’s how it’s done. We also learn that Bravo taped an entire stand up routine which was attended by Cynthia, Kenya, and Demetria (also  mentioned during the reunion, along with viewing a brief clip).  A true friend, she updates Bravo viewers on her upcoming work and that of her longtime mentor and friend:

“Please check my Instagram for upcoming tour dates. Also I have two films coming out this year called ‘The Hills’ and ‘Love is Not Enough.’ I am in talks right now for a third movie to start filming in the fall. This past weekend I got the chance to catch up with a dear friend of mine that got me started in radio-Mr Jamie Foxx. His album drops on May 18th and we were there to support him at his album listening party. Just wanted to share some photos from all the fun times I’ve been having lately! Life is good and I am happy and feeling loved!”

Maybe, if she comes back next season, she’ll bring some of her other friends in high places.  Mercy knows that better arrests, stank attitudes, and “mean girls” running wild, this show could use a few fun distractions.


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