#RHOA Reunion Part Two: Kandi Breaks Down Over Phaedra [VIDEO]

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Discussion of Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks’ rocky friendship leaves Kandi in tears and reaching for tissues. However, Phaedra is emotionless and does not run over to comfort her friend. The sociopath southern belle was caught off guard by Kandi’s emotional outburst and not prepared with her usual controlled responses. Phaedra sat there emotionless and slightly contrite for being called out.

RHOA Phaedra Parks

This is in stark contrast to the calculated Phaedra we’ve seen on RHOA that seeks viewer sympathy through fake emotional reactions. I wonder had the cameras not been rolling what Phaedra’s true response to Kandi’s breakdown would have been. Sorry that Kandi had to learn the hard way what many already knew about her one-sided friendship with Phaedra.

Watch an exclusive preview from part 2 of tonight’s RHOA reunion below.


Also on part 2 of the reunion, NeNe explodes when Kenya Moore alleges that she flirted with Cynthia Bailey’s husband. Watch a sneak peek below.


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