Sonja Morgan Calls Out Heather Thomson For Her Blatant Double Standards!

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After the recent bizarre episode of “Real Housewives of New York,” where Carole throws herself at a younger man, flippantly admits to doing drugs, drinks tequila, throws up in a rickshaw, and hides a relationship from Luann; Sonja Morgan took to her Bravo blog to point out the double standards of some of her co-stars.

“Carole coming out of the gate with a wild night out with a younger man! That came as a little bit of a shock, and I am so happy Carole found amore or whatever it is. Whatever it is is great! After divorce or losing a husband, one shouldn’t worry about tomorrow. Be in the moment while keeping your eye on the future”

Un huh… it starts peaceful enough.

“And I must say that Carole sure looks good for a girl who just threw up in a pedicab, spent the night (and day) with a younger man, doing gummy bears!”

Ruh roh… feel it building?  Keep your hands inside the car and put on your seatbelt.  Sonja is about to put her foot on the gas.

“I wonder if those were the gummy bears Kelly was eating on Scary Island–that sure would explain some of her behavior.”

Well, GEEZ!  And, as if that weren’t bad enough, here it comes:

“I’m glad to see that Heather can be supportive of someone, because she hasn’t been able to support me of recent. I’m surprised, though, that Heather was able to listen to that whole speel from Carole–doing drugs, drinking tequila, throwing up in a rickshaw, and hiding a relationship from Luann-–without making a single judgmental comment! Weren’t Heather and Carole just saying last week that I drink too much and am out of control?  But hey, maybe Heather is finally learning to accept that some people are fun!”

Ouch! Sonja has a point, though I am sure that Heather and Carole would say that their criticism is a matter of degree and frequency to which she parties, not that they object to Sonja having a good time. On the other hand, Carole is catching up in a relatively short period of time. Pretty soon, Sonja’s and her Plus One will be double dating with Carole and Sonja’s Plus One’s plus one.

“Either that or Heather has different standards for Carole than she has for me. I’m starting to think that it is the latter and that Heather is just giving me a hard time to give me a hard time! Do you think there is an underlying factor causing this? Because we have always been cool with each other, not uncool.”

Well snappity snap snap.  Sonja is getting the audience involved in this special Scooby case, asking the audience to solve “The case of the cranky hypocritical near-hipsters.” I do think that Heather and Carole find Sonja to be an easy target. I also think Sonja makes it easy for them to write her off as an easy target.

“Carole saying Luann won’t care about her dating her chef/niece’s boyfriend is sooooooo wrong. She has no idea. Worse than dating the niece’s boyfriend is that he works for Luann. You never steal the chef (or other employees), and never shtup them! Cardinal rule. LOL, I have a feeling Carole is going to learn this from Lu. OK…”

Unless this franchise has morphed into Downton Abbey:NYC, I would think that dating the niece’s ex is the bigger violation of their friendship, c’mon.  1 – a chef is not personal property and 2 – if it was only about his status as an employee, he can schtupp Carole and still get his job, as long as they aren’t making whoopy on LuAnn’s kitchen / dining tables.

She goes on to wax poetic about her friendship with Bethenny and with the importance of supporting friends through hard times:

“Bethenny threw such a fabulous birthday party, and I say that with my “Sonja in the City” hat on! I’m so glad that she decided to have a birthday dinner. I know that she has been going through a hard time and that her birthday is already difficult for her. I’m glad that she felt comfortable reaching out to us and letting us help her through this trying time–that’s what friends are supposed to be for! I know that I rely on my good girlfriends a lot for support through this ongoing battle with my ex, even after divorce, so I’m happy to be there for Bethenny.”

I think Sonja was reading her Plus One, Dominik, and his plus one completely wrong:

“I completely stand by that comment I made at dinner about needing to watch Dominik around all of those women. I definitely don’t want Luann pulling a pirate move on me. LOL.”

No, Sonja, you have to watch him and his friend around cameras. They seemed to be playing it up in order to get on tv, to be seen, and to talk about their modeling careers.  More than taking Carole to task for mentioning Jordache jeans, Sonja should have focused on her date’s reaction to her fear of dancing table top. Maybe it tipped and I didn’t see it, as she claims, but if not – it wasn’t a good look for her. I think that freaked him out more than talking about jeans the youngsters have never heard of or seen. I don’t think Carole was the one who reminded them they were hanging out with older women.

“I don’t know why Heather and Kristen are so upset about Bethenny’s birthday dinner, and it is HER birthday! I love when Kristen’s housekeeper say “Who cares?” several times. She has the right attitude. She reminds me of Jeff Lewis’ housekeeper Zoila.”

First couple of sentences?  YES!  I loved that. Last sentence? Oy. Stop when you’re ahead.

“Ramona’s restaurant business looks exciting but not as exciting as her monkey business with her partner. Those faces she makes are classic Ramona. Dorinda’s love life seems to be a little more complicated. I feel badly that she is going through this whole situation with her daughter and John. No one can ever come before your daughter, and that’s hard for some men to learn. Having said that, I believe John does know that and is just looking for recognition and attention from Dorinda. All men are babies!”

First, I hope Ramona is having a torrid passionate affair with her business partner, and that he’s a good guy. Second, Amen about Dorinda.  I’m glad her daughter comes first.  Last, all men are babies? Not ALL men. I hope these women are looking for adult men with grown up minds, given the hell they have all been through. You can’t date men who act like babies, and then be shocked and heartbroken when they keep trading you in for new toys.

“Yes I do listen! With Ramona at Nello’s I had a thorn in my side about how she talked to be about my divorce, and she just wasn’t responding. I missed our usual banter back and forth and relating to each other. We have so much water under bridge together. Wow that got heavy really fast! I hope that all of us women can keep connecting with each other, start supporting each other, and leave the bitchiness at home behind closed doors!”

I would say that Sonja heard Ramona. I wouldn’t say that she was truly listening to her. Whatever conversations Ramona had with Sonja in the past seemed to be Sonja generated, not Ramona rubbing the ex in her face. Ramona’s heartache is fresh and painful. I do think Sonja cares deeply for Ramona, but she has to play things by ear and let Ramona tell her when it’s time to talk about her marriage, again.


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