NeNe Leakes: Is She Quitting #RHOA? “Everybody Wants to Knock The Queen Off Her Throne”

Posted on May 1 2015 - 6:40am by Dani-K


NeNe Leakes, star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is making the rounds, promoting the reunion shows. She’s also letting it be known to her royal subjects that the “Queen Bee” is tired of working with people who are “so damn negative.” Recently NeNe spoke with US Weekly and discussed what it will take for her to return for season 8.

NeNe explained that there are some “people who come on the show…willing to do anything. I want to work with people who have some respect and some limitations!”

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I mean we’re talking about a woman who worked on Broadway for 2 months, she’s the epitome of professionalism. (cough, cough) But who could NeNe be talking about? Last hired to hold the peach is Claudia Jordan. Here’s what NeNe said about working with her.

“I’m really doing all I can to hold back because I know that Claudia ain’t really that girl that wants to take it to the streets.” She added, “Every time I pull up, do I have to have my wig snatched off?”

NeNe doesn’t think that everyone should be fired, but is tired of focusing on confrontations like the tussle between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams.

“There’s some fun girls in this group,” NeNe admitted. “I would be happy to come back if we could find the right girls. If the show stays this way, I can’t see myself doing it…who wants to work in a stressful environment?”

NeNe was also a guest on “Live With Kelly and Michael,” and said, “Everybody wants to knock the queen off her throne, but she’s not going anywhere.”

So is she staying or going for the eighth season RHOA? NeNe didn’t clarify, instead, she gave more of her demands suggestions.

“You know what, I would be there if some people left. They need to get rid of some folk. Everybody that ain’t married. I mean, the show is called ‘The Housewives,’ isn’t it? So, you need to be married to be on the show.”

Under these guidelines, goodbye to: Claudia, Porsha, and Kenya. Phaedra is a maybe. Cynthia, Kandi, and NeNe get to stay. NeNe continued,

“Over the years, the show has become very negative and there have been some people that have been thrown in the mix that have been negative … so re-cast. I don’t mind if it’s one girl, maybe two girls that aren’t married, because it’s always great to see a single girl dating and all that kind of stuff. But, to have as many girls as we have on our show that’s not married … we need to get rid of a couple of them, don’t you think?”

Tell us what you think? Should Atlanta be recast? Does NeNe have a point? Should the Housewives be married?


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  • teresa darienzo

    I guess using NeNe’s logic then I guess when she wasn’t married to Greg she should have been let go. She is just so worried that someone else is going to steal her spotlight. I get so tired of hearing her say “The thirst is real.” As far as I can tell she is the thirstiest of the whole damn bunch!! I say to the Bravo executives, let her go. She will come crawling back in no time when she realizes that without that show she is nothing.

    • pixntrix

      I completely agree…”rich bitch” needs a paycheck!

      • Bad Barbie

        For real and she is fooling us to think that she has millions and millions. It was said that she is worth $10m. That is not a lot of money for some boughetto person like Nene, buying $2m home, $50k Birkin bags and $100k cars, etc. That money goes fast and she is not Seinfeld.

        • Babson_Chick

          can’t believe she’d have that much as they were renting everything – don’t think her TV gigs would pay that much

          • Bad Barbie

            Nene’s whole existence is exaggerated. I was a fan but it got old. She is nothing but a bitter, nasty rude hag. S She is too busy amping herself up and downing others…he should go worry about her drug addict thief son popping 2 babies with no job. #PLONK that.

          • Babson_Chick

            Ditto to what you said!! Can’t stand to watch her mouthing off – it’s just all BS

    • Bad Barbie

      If she is not “thirsty” then why is she still on the show? Adrienne Maloof left. She didn’t need the money. Joyce Giraud left. Lydia left. Those are all certified “Very rich bishes” they bounced. Nene is just ghetto and new money. I mean, more ghetto than anything. Joyce Giraud comes from a mountain in PR… she is “new money” so of speak, but she has class something that Nene lacks in huge volumes.

  • Doris Casteel-Burkhart


    • Bad Barbie

      From head to teeth.

      • RonnieIsBack

        And hooves….

        • fred

          and hair,if she went without makeup and a wig she could scare the animals out of the woods

          • Babson_Chick


  • Jacqui Duffy

    I’m bored with NeNe and her superior attitude. I’m sorry, NeNe, you are no Meryl Streep!!

    • cait

      More of a Feral Creep !

  • DLister

    Appropriate hairstyle: Bride of Bravostein.

  • pixntrix

    Wasn’t Nene unmarried for a season…the woman has no common sense. Please Nene go away you are the problem and this season showed that. I can’t stand her superior attitude!

    • Bad Barbie

      She was! She did that to scam the IRS btw. Hence why they were quickly remarried.

  • Bad Barbie

    Nene, the fans select who is “Queen”. You look like a “Queen” but that is about it. If the blogs and social media are any indicator…. #FallenEmpire for you.

    • RonnieIsBack


    • Yes ma’am!

  • Pony Mama

    She’ll never quit, and I don’t think Andy will fire her. I stopped watching 2 seasons ago, I only tune in now and again to see Claudia and then change the channel when I see a mentally disabled person being pimped out, a nose regrowing at lightning speed, and poor Cynthia getting hit hard by the menopause and fried chicken stick. Nene will particularly never quit when she just bought that giant overpriced house with a MORTGAGE. Wouldn’t a real queen pay cash? Don’t tell me you need the interest deduction? Wouldn’t a real rich bitch be donating to charities left and right, and purchasing jewelry, furs, art, and once in a lifetime experiences at the best of the best of Society charity fundraisers, and get giant tax deductions from her largesse? Whitney from Real Housewives of Charleston is a Way better queen than NENE would or could ever be.

    • Babson_Chick

      Yes, but I think Miss Patricia is the Queen of reality TV – wonder if she would adopt me.

      • Pony Mama

        Get in line sister! I think there are 2 Patricia, and Lisa VP. They would be great in their own 1 hour dueling shows! East Coast vs West Coast fabulosity face off!

        • Babson_Chick

          Oh yes I love Lisa and she is priceless!! So LIsa is the Queen of the West and Patricia Queen of the South or East.

  • RonnieIsBack

    The Heat Meiser needs to just stop. ..I know her azz is jealous of all the chit that runs from her mouth.
    And take your trunk full of effed up wigs with you on the road with Kim bc “some folks will do ANYTHING for $1.50…filming with your enemy who you truly despise…#gurlbye

  • fred

    moose is always patting herself on her back because nobody else is doing it

  • The queen? NeNe you’re not even queen of the block you stay on. You couldn’t even be queen in a game of chess. Girl bye!

    • “NeNe you’re not even queen of the block you stay on”…….Bwahahahaha!!

  • 3!13

    That hair though. cruella de vil

  • Trippinhhard

    Nene please give Don King his hair back, you look horrible with this wig and 99% of the wigs you wore this season. You attitude stinks and you haven’t been humble since season 2. I hope you’re investing you money, because they wat you acting, you will be broke again.

    • Ilivehereandlikeit

      THAT’S who she looks like in that wig!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good call Trippin!!

      I’m still laughing when I think of Ramen Noodle wig but this Don King one is even more clownish!

      • Trippinhhard

        Nene stylist be angry with her this season, those wigs were horrible.

    • pixntrix

      And Nene used to make fun if Kim Z’s…Kim’s look good Nene’s ratchet just like her.

      • Trippinhhard

        They made fun of each other, Kim always bragged about her designer clothing and stylist, and thank you Big Poppa… Nene made fun of her singing and when Nene n Kim had that fallout, and Nene said I rather pull every toenail off and stick her bloody feet in heels, before she would be friends with Kim again.. I couldn’t help myself but laugh those two are more alike then they know.. IMO

  • Babson_Chick

    LOVE the hair (evil Queen of hearts?) ahem. She acts and thinks she’s the HBIC – she can go iMO.

  • Trippinhhard

    Did anyone hear that Kenya is engaged, I don’t Twitter or Facebook, but if it’s true GOODFORHER.. everyone deserve to be loved and cherished…JS
    I know this site has sources to find out correct information..

    • rasta

      ?.ummm, I wouldn’t bother looking if I were you. She even kinda laughed when Andy asked her. She can have this as an ongoing joke for the duration of her stay. She’s 43? And has never been linked to or photed with a REAL potential male other than fake Walter? There are lots of lesbians in the fashion/model/pageantry world. She says she wants a baby, why doesn’t she just go to another state, have a few encounters with guy of choice and just have a damn baby with no man coming after her few coins. Men don’t know or care about pregger women until they have to show up on Maury. And then they’re mad.

      • Trippinhhard

        Girl you made me spit out my cola, I needed that laugh and you are so true, she’s been trying for years to hook a man with money and it’s not working.. She is man less or she must really have so serious issues.. Um who purchased her Bentley?? An Africa married man..