Heather Thomson Feels Bethenny Knows How To Shut Down A Conversation

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If Heather Thomson, star of “Real Housewives of New York,” has learned anything about fellow co-star, Bethenny Frankel, it’s that Bethenny “sure knows how to shut down a conversation.” In this week’s Bravo blog, Heather tries to explain why she brought up the subject of Kristen’s hurt feelings.

“The birthday dinner a few nights ago turned out to be a good time. We all rallied for Bethenny to have a fun party. Everyone was getting along, and we all danced on the table. It was a shame Kristen and Dorinda weren’t invited. I didn’t understand it. I was even more surprised since some of the girls brought dates that Bethenny definitely didn’t know, but it wasn’t my guest list.”

Now you get this, Heather? Everyone know that everyone can’t be invited to everything, but Heather still wants to provide “useful information” to Bethenny.

“After speaking to Kristen about the party, I realized she, and probably Dorinda, felt left out. Totally natural. Since Kristen and I are close, and I thought Bethenny and I were on a positive path, I didn’t think twice about bringing this subject up at our dinner–I thought it was useful information.”

How is this useful information? There’s nothing that can be done now. Please refer to your earlier quote, “but it wasn’t my guest list.” On the positive side, Heather has learned a valuable life lesson from Bethenny.

“I have to hand it to Bethenny–she sure knows how to shut down a conversation the minute there’s no personal interest. I barely finished my sentence on the topic before it got hostile. I don’t think any of us knew what to make of her reaction. Between the sleeping dramatization and telling me I was Carole’s plus one, I quickly realized nothing positive was going to come of this.”

Heather was trying to come from a place of yes – but now realizes it’s going to take some time.

“Mind you, I started by saying “Kristen’s feelings were hurt,” and somehow it turned into a debate about how long they’ve known each other. Maybe it’s just me, but I try to be conscious of my actions when dealing with others, regardless of how long we’ve been acquainted. I guess with Bethenny you have to really put in your time before your feelings are allowed to count. Noted.”


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