Clap Back! Cynthia Bailey Throws Shade at Porsha Williams For Accusing Her Husband of Cheating

Posted on Apr 30 2015 - 2:43am by Norrth Cafe

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On the explosive part one of  the”Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, Cynthia Bailey confronted Porsha Williams on the nasty accusation she made about Cynthia’s hubby, Peter cheating on her. During the season, Porsha gossiped with Phaedra Parks revealing she has tea on both Cynthia and Peter. Porsha claimed that she knows Peter’s dirt but figured that when the wife already knows (Cynthia), what’s the point of spreading it. Making the clear implication that Peter cheats on his wife.

Cynthia took to her Bravo blog to address Porsha’s unfounded gossip and throw shade at her co-star,

“Peter is the most accessible husband on the show. Tons of women walk through the doors of Bar One and Sports One every day. It is his job to be cordial and take pictures with them if requested. If he is too nice, he is flirting with them. If he is too standoffish, he is an a–hole. Most of the women are genuine fans, but some do have agendas. Regardless, they have the opportunity to meet him, shake his hand, hug him, and take a picture with him.”

The RHOA star reflected on her mindset entering the reunion,

“I am always excited for the reunion. It is the official end of a drama-filled season. I actually look forward to it, because it is a great opportunity to sit face to face with all the ladies, have the conversation, ask questions, and get asked questions, set the record straight, apologize or get an apology, try to get closure, and move forward. There will always be drama amongst us, and we are all old enough to deal with it like women.”

Hopeful, but is she realistic? Between the eye-rolling and snarking-for-camera-time from some of the other wives (#Teampetty:  Nene, Porsha, Phaedra) there is no time left for answering questions or setting records straight. This we’ve seen with our own eyes during some of the BarOne scenes. She continues with:

“If Peter was cheating on me, I would know about it. Any woman that has been with my husband (knowing that he is a married man) is not going to keep it a secret. They are going to tell someone. Women with no self-value or integrity will always go out of their way to make sure the wife finds out. In their small minds, it’s a victory.”

I think Cynthia is a kind and gentle soul.  She seems to deeply care for the people she loves. Do I for a minute buy that she would know if Peter was cheating on her? Um, no.  The man was able to buy a new car and lease properties without her having an inkling – a true sign that their finances are separate and that the money didn’t come out of her account or a joint account. She knew only when he told her. If Peter can hide the little things, he can hide the big ones too; including payments for a love nest condo or for hotel rooms. Do I think Peter is cheating? Um, no. I do think Cynthia is right that anyone who has a chance to make money with pics of naked “downward facing dog” Peter would have sold them by now.

I wish she had added, in her statement that men with small minds cheat, and end up with women with small minds. She sounds as if she would let Peter off the hook by commenting on the behavior of women only.

Was she surprised by Nene’s positive response to her acting? I guess we’ll never know because her former friend was not referenced at all in her response:

“I am new to acting, and I am still learning. I thought I did a great job in Life Twirls On, and so did Kenya. I committed to the role and did my best. I’m good with that.”



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  • TartLemon

    When Cynthia was going through her medical issue, Peter told her he wanted a little bachelor pad of his own. If all he wanted was a different place to sleep to not disturb his wife, he could have moved downstairs to the couch.

    Cynthia, honey, STFU. I’m not stupid. This is Kenya’s pr ploy to a tee and I didn’t buy it then either.

    • Norrth

      What I think it telling is that he didn’t do it. Cynthia still has some influence in her marriage even if it seems limited. She can’t stop Peter from spending like a mad man, but he at least isn’t running too free. I just don’t think Peter is capable of covering an affair. I think he’s too cocky, to even think it would be necessary to cover anything up, or he’s not clever enough.

      • Bad Barbie

        You really think that if he really did it wouldn’t be everywhere by now? LOL ATL is hop for gossip and bloggers. They would have exposed him by now or the chick would have been all over social media bragging. ATL is THOT central most heaux looking for a come up.

    • RonnieIsBack

      OR the basement like the Butler Gregg lololol….

  • Trippinhhard

    Last season at the party from hell, Kandi outed him about doing more than getting lap dances.
    Peter jumped in gate mouth Kandi’s face telling her, something about what goes on in the strip club stays ther.. Mel n Cynthia was defending him, and Kandi said she would drag a bitch.. So now that Porsha said the same thing, she starting mess.. When in fact Kandi is a messy two faced person.. She still holding a grudge regarding that argument regarding Kim, nene was right Kim screwed her over and she was crying like a child.. She never got that money and then was still kissing Kim’s ass until the baby gate comments on vacation..
    Porsha was in my eyes telling the truth, the way Petra speaks to Cynthia and do things
    (Deals) behind is a prime example, he don’t care what her thoughts are.. He’s doing what he wants and when he wants.. Oh Cynthia you forgot you spread about Fhedra cheating on Apollo, without any proof, because Apollo is a known liar and I do think he was cheating on her..

    • Norrth

      Peter denied getting lap dances and Kandi confirmed that he did. I don’t think she ever claimed he did more but the lie about getting them sure does make him look suspicious, to me. He may not be technically cheating, but even touching an exotic dancer would probably be a violation of Cynthia’s expectations for him.

      • Trippinhhard

        I was sure she said more than lap dances, but my memory is fuzzy, especially now..
        Some of the women go with their husbands.. But each to its own..

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Bet by the time filming is to resume….her & Peter WILL be having martial issues…homegirl needs a job!

  • undergroundrailroadtrain

    Good for Cynthia sticking up for her husband. But girl is delusional saying he is faithful when he had his own bachelor pad when she was recovering from fibroids.

  • Bad Barbie

    She does have a point though. A lot of women get with married men with an agenda and not even for the better reasons (Not that there can be any but ish happens). It is like bragging rights and to purposely do it to the wife. I have experienced this myself and know few heaux that do it just to prove that they can get your man.

  • TJ Marcus

    I have the feeling Peter is dirty. The way he conducts “their” businesses & leaving Cynthia out of the loop. Have the feeling she know and as long as Peter doesn’t flaunt it around Cynthia turns & looks the other way. Cynthia doesn’t have much of a backbone

  • RonnieIsBack

    Cynthia has a valid point. Whether Peter is cheating or not the fact that Porsha just threw that chit on the table was for a dramatic afffect and possibly a last ditched effort to get her peach back #Fail. I hope she continues to mop the floor with Porsha…Everybody gets a turn….we know rich married men do at least (allegedly)…