Carole Radziwill Explains Why She Hid Her Boy Toy From LuAnn

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Carole’s Bravo blog this week feels more like damage control than anything else. Carole addresses why she intentionally hid her relationship from LuAnn in the beginning, she claims that she wasn’t trying to:

“No, I’m not a woman who overshares. And I’m fairly sure the audience knows this about me by now. You don’t see me each week talking, talking, talking about every last thought that pops into my head.”

I’m truly afraid of what it would look like if we did hear everything that crossed her mind. The woman who has written a book on dating and then demonstrating her dating practices by bringing up awkward sex talk on a blind date would never overshare? Sometimes I think Carole is sliding in little bits of dark sarcasm and is daring us to find them.  She does a great job playing it straight.

“Also, I believe there is an expectation of privacy, even among good friends, and especially among social friends. I live by that in my real life (with my friends outside the show), and it’s no different than my reality life on TV. The best advice I can give a girl is to keep new relationships private. There is nothing like a handful of well-intentioned “girlfriend advice” to derail a blooming romance.”

Well there goes the suggested “we’re screwing now” emoji. I’m assuming what she means is that discussing the Adam-relationship with Heather was ok. She just wouldn’t want to discuss it with the other six women she’s paid to interact with for several months a year. I get that and understand it, but I’m not sure I buy this:

“That being said, when Adam and I started seeing each other, I wasn’t sure if it would develop into anything worth talking about. I’m cautious in matters of the heart. But after a few weeks, it was clear that we like each other’s company; he was kind and cooked; but mostly, he thought I was funny. Like I said, it’s not complicated. When I next saw Heather and Kristen, I told them I’d been seeing Adam. As for telling Luann, I was genuinely happy to tell her the next time we saw each other privately.”

I must be a different kind of person because I would have had a conversation with LuAnn before even attempting to see if there was a relationship that could develop with Adam. Had LuAnn said no, I would have walked away, in her shoes.  It is truly that simple. Last year, LuAnn joined team #newbiewives against her old buds.  She stood up for them against the onslaught that is Ramona and Sonja. I think knowing how potentially dicey the situation was, Carole owed LuAnn a private visit before putting the news out there, on camera, for Kristen and Heather. The production crew knew before Carole’s “good friend” did? Bad form…. and the bad form continues:

“Adam had dated her niece, and while they had broken up over a year before Adam and I met, they remained friends. All good. I assumed Luann would be happy to hear of her little love connection–it’s good karma! Turns out I’m not always right.”

I don’t understand this comment. If this is true, what made it difficult to tell LuAnn, in particular, about the relationship? By this standard, shouldn’t LuAnn have been the first to be told AND thanked for putting them together?

We also find out that she didn’t like men in their 20s when she was in her 20s. She thought they were a pain in the ass. Personally, I think Carole is awkward with men of all ages, so dating under 35 and over 75 doesn’t seem to provide her with any sort of advantage.

Regarding her husband’s ashes:

“At first, I thought it had to be a mistake. The church had been sold and the graves moved? It’s the log line to a Hollywood movie, not a storyline in a reality show. Churches can be sold? Caskets and urns replaced? But after speaking with the church secretary, I did what anyone in my place would have done–including my husband–I laughed. Not a long laugh, maybe it was a nervous laugh but still, a laugh. My husband was the king of practical jokes, and I thought this was the best one yet. Then after coming to terms with the idea of going to London and bringing the urn back, I was excited to have it back. He was and still is a piece of my life. A great one at that.”

I’m glad she can laugh because I find it all repugnant. I can’t believe a church would put the surviving family through something like that. Someone should have made the time to find Carole and offer to fly the ashes home to her.

If you were waiting with bated breath, despite joking and laughing with Bethenny, she won’t be rebranding death (Hey, she has enough on her hands rebranding friendship… I couldn’t help it).


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