Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Heather Thomson! “It Felt Manufactured To Stir Up Drama”

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In this week’s Bravo blog, Bethenny Frankel, star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” calls out castmate, Heather Thomson, for manufacturing the drama! Bethenny, in her candid, no holds barred manner, explains why she was so harsh to Heather at dinner.

“Ouch. I may not float like a butterfly, but I DO sting like a bee. Watching the dinner at Cherry made me giggle. It did look harsh when watching it back.”

This is something we call all agree on, but Bethenny explains where she was coming from during the #kristenishurt performance by Heather.

“Let me create some context: I find that on the Housewives shows, being invited or not invited to something tends to be blown out of proportion, dragged out, and takes on a life of itself. This concept is exhausting to me, and I knew exactly where Heather was going. It felt manufactured to stir up drama.”

Bethenny is standing by her convictions that she’s not going to invite people she doesn’t know just for the sake of a television show. Not including the dates of others. Or the friends of the dates of others.

“The fact remains that I was new to the show, had just met everyone and had spent some time with Carole and Heather, so I decided to invite them to my birthday. I didn’t know Kristen at all and wasn’t going to invite her for the sake of a television show. Dorinda even says at dinner that she didn’t know me at all so for her to be upset is preposterous to me. Even Kristen’s housekeeper thought it was no big deal. The trailers did warn that “The B is back,” so there you have it.”

There we have it. Bethenny ends her blog with a warning that this is not the end of her wrath.

“I’m rather grateful for Dorinda ripping John a new asshole at dinner, because it basically made me feel better about being a 24-karat twat at Cherry.” (Twat at cherry? Ugh.) “Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the end of my wrath. I walked into a new group of women, I had a lot of personal stress, and I was taking no prisoners.” Bethenny added, “All in, I love the show this season. I think it feels real, different, and like it used to be. Keep watching. It gets really good.”


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