Sonja Morgan and Lea Black Dish on Housewives Drama and More on #WWHL

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Lady Morgan is the clubhouse! Last night on “Watch What Happens Live,” star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” Sonja Morgan, along with RHOM, Lea Black, were Andy Cohen’s guests. Spoiler alert: there was no mention of a return to Bravo from the Miami ladies. Andy began the show saying that Luann de Lesseps was setting twitter on fire, throwing shade at Carole and Heather.

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Tonight’s poll question: Whose (cougar) relationship will last the longest? The choices are Sonja, Luann or Carole. Personally I think it will be a three-way tie to #nowheresville, but Carole was given the best odds at 61%. Poor Sonja and her German boytoy were only given an 8% chance, so they must already be kaput.

Andy showed a clip of next week’s show, a look into Sonja’s fashion empire as seen through the eyes of Bethenny. One of Sonja’s people practically bitch-slaps our Alpha-bitch, Bethenny, so obviously we can’t wait for next week.

Lea, who was there to promote her new novel “Red Carpets and White Lies,” catches Andy up on the ladies of Miami. Joanna and her husband are still going strong. Lea and Adriana are still distant. Alexia’s sons are doing well. Lisa has a baby on the way via surrogate. And Lea saw Karenth last week for dental work. The most interesting information was to know that in the Joanna Krupa vs. Brandi Glanville lawsuit, Lea is Team Krupa.


The first caller asked Sonja if she thought Bethenny was the new mean girl, replacing Jill Zarin. Sonja thinks Bethenny brings the sizzle to the show. Andy then asked Sonja what work she’s had done to her face – because she looks so good – he says. She has weekly peels from her gossiping facialist who is the night’s bartender and Botox to her forehead and neck.


Lady Morgan looked great in her nude-colored gown with satin accents that’s available on-line right now at her website. What’s that Andy? Fans are texting in that the fashions on her website are listed as either out of stock or coming soon. That’s so Sonja!

Andy asked Sonja if Kristen had a right to feel left out from Bethenny’s birthday bash. Sonja said, “When it’s your birthday you have the right to invite who you want.”

The most interesting question of the night was from a caller who asked Sonja the ages of the youngest and oldest men she’s ever slept with. Her answers were 23 and 76. We learned even more about Sonja during game time. In the game “”Red Carpets and White Lies,” Sonja and Lea have to guess whether celeb-based trivia questions about the other are true or false! For instance, Sonja has dated Owen Wilson, Eric Clapton, Richard Lewis and Prince Albert (in a can?). The longevity of these romances were not given. She has also met and partied with George Clooney in NYC and Italy before he purchased his home on Lake Como.


Another caller asked why Sonja felt the need to sneak a beer from her purse. She said it’s because beer is filling to her face and she can’t always trust that the Countess will have beer in the house. But since this is Luann’s new house, it turned out that she did have beer. The Mazel of the night went to Zac Efron for wearing a fringe shirt and the Jackhole went to actress Alice Eve for dissing Bruce Jenner.


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