It’s Not Over! Ramona Singer is Reportedly Begging Mario To Reconcile

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Ramona-Singer- RHONY

​This season of “The Real Housewives of New York has revealed a different side of Ramona Singer. She has filed for divorce from her cheating husband Mario, is open to dating, and seems more comfortable in her skin. Evidently the Ramonacoaster has changed direction, because Radar Online is reporting that the reality star is having second thoughts about the single life. 

According to an insider, she has supposedly been calling Mario late at night, begging for a reconciliation, only to be rebuffed by her unfaithful ex. The tipster asserts that Ramona

“was feeling very nostalgic, and started calling Mario,”  adding, “He would listen to her for a few minutes, but Ramona would always start nagging him about getting back together.” 

Mario has allegedly moved on and is actively online prowling for dates, but Ramona believes that his actions are just a phase.

“Ramona is ready to forgive Mario for the cheating,” said the source. “They were married for over twenty-five years, and Ramona thinks this is just a phase that Mario is going through.”

“But Mario doesn’t want to get back together based on his actions, and is enjoying being a bachelor. The phone calls have increased over the past few weeks, and now he is either letting the calls go to voicemail, or hanging up on her,” the source continued.

Ramona has been open to dating on the show, but the source believes that her motives are more complex than what meets the eye.

“Ramona was only doing that for the show, and trying to make Mario jealous. She isn’t happy about being single at her age.”

Which direction will the Ramonacoaster veer next…I’m not sure even Ramona knows!


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