Kim Richards Bombshell Interview with Dr. Phil: She Confesses to Ongoing Addiction Coverup

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​It’s ​the day of the big interview between Kim Richards and Dr. Phil McGraw, and as the festivities begin, the show provides a simply EPIC intro, outlining the drunken rampage which landed her in jail, charged with trespassing, public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. We are told that The Beverly Hills Hotel has been “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s home away from home since infancy, and she used to spend hours upon hours there, hobnobbing with the stars. Dr. Phil begins by sharing that Kim was keeping him waiting, because of excessive blouse changing, and bang fluffing.

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She enters, perfectly coiffed, Dr. Phil calls her on her self-absorption, and she responds by asserting that she has been fluffed for simply hours. The larger question asks, with all that prep time, why would she choose THAT outfit? Her shiny bangs bouncing, Kim sits down to begin the interview. She starts out by assuring us all that she is a very strong person, but has been too weak to watch herself on TV, and blog about the disturbing spectacle. Kim explains that social media, her sister, her dog, and her whatever are all far too much to bear. She vows that she has definitely not ingested any alcohol ON camera…whoever said that ON camera has EVER been the issue? She insists that Lisa Rinna is a big busybody, and sticks hard to the “just one” pain pill story to explain her junkie meltdown on the show.

On the latest breakdown night in question, Kim explains that she was with her daughter Kimberly, then drove to pick up her daughter Brooke from the airport. She crumbles at this point and blames her super severe upset over the broken relationship with her sister, Kyle and her niece, Alexia. The daunting blog from Bravo hell was too overwhelming for her, so she decided to pour herself  a giant glass of vodka, then get behind the wheel of a car. She stopped at the Beverly Hills Hotel, because she is a responsible mess and the vodka was kicking in, and decided to launch into obnoxiously bugging other customers. The maitre d jumped on her immediately, and told her to to go back to her table, and then to vamoose…a bit strange coming from an employee of her home away from home.

Dr. Phil points out that for someone to be called out for chatting in a bar, her behavior must have been off the wall. Kim just remembers bits and pieces, unless you challenge her about time frames, because that’s where her razor sharp, albeit sloshed memory skills kick in. Kim insists that she never drank in the bar, but somehow stayed falling down hammered for hours. Dr. Phil gives her the rundown of the cop’s description of her demeanor, and asks why she never felt sober enough to get a grip on her groin kicking behavior. Kim loves the ‘just one’ of anything defense, and refuses to admit to drinking more than just one king-sized drink. Dr. Phil challenges her as to why she chose a bar to sober up in, and Kim answers by stammering out an ugly cry, finally admitting that she has indeed been booze fueled “a few other” times. We watch her lie through her teeth during the reunion, and bawl some more about her broken relationship with Kyle. The show catches us up with story about her dog Kinglsey biting Kyle’s daughter, Alexia, and the doc blasts Kim for blaming the incident for a much larger family problem.

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We learn that Kyle did check in with Kim after her arrest, but they have not spoken. Dr. Phil tells Kim that her whole life is the issue, and her murdered fiancé and Monty’s illness are mentioned.  Her family history is run down, and Kim reveals that self-hatred played a role in her previous drinking issues. The kids are summoned in by beating drums, and they all share where they were when they heard about the arrest. Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Foster are given credit for “having her back”, but Chad chimes in and calls out Brandi for being “toxic”.  Kim blubbers that she just wants to do the right thing, and Brooke is happy that the arrest happened, to get her hot mess of a parent some help.

Dr. Phil racks up her list of drunk and junkie episodes, and Kim busts in to pooh pooh the severity of what is going on. Dr. Phil shoots her a glare, and Kim giggles like a caught schoolgirl at the misstep, as her daughter looks over at her with an all too knowing look on her face.  The doc nails her as an alcoholic with a personality problem that is prone to anxiety and depression.  She has an ex with stage 4 cancer, 4 ADULT children, and a unhealed wounded life history, (who doesn’t?) and actually believes that jogging and a sponsor chat will fix her right up.  Dr. Phil labels it a breakdown, and insists that Kim needs treatment for her unacceptable meltdown mothering techniques.

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Dr. Phil offers to shell out the cash for her rehab, and Kim agrees that rehab is a great idea, as long as it’s located close to Brooke’s wedding and it doesn’t last longer than a month.  Dr. Phil isn’t interested in her junkie diva needs, and reiterates that no one cares about her demands, because she needs to trust the process.  Kim figures out that it’s an intervention, and her trust issues and anxiety run her out of the room. Dr. Phil gives us a mini lesson on tanked and delusional reality stars, teaching us that Kim is very controlling, and a master deflector. Dr Phil had full knowledge of every aspect of her hot mess life, and all of those factored into the luxury oceanfront facility choice.

Kim storms out and is heard on mic telling the doc to eff off and complaining that he “put her on the spot.” Brooke goes out and tries to get her to come back, and she refuses. The kids all surround her behind closed doors, and beg her on mic to go…and you can tell that they are over this lame repetitive drama. Chad comes through like a champ, and nails her for pills and pot, which Kim admits to, but reminds them all that she doesn’t drink every day, revealing volumes about her true state of mind. Dr. Phil comes by the room to say goodbye and congratulate Kim on her cute wardrobe change and hair re-fluff, while prompting her to quit being a lush loser and do the right thing. Kim hugs him, assures him that she really respects those she tells to eff off, will keep recording his show, and that she is headed home for a jog.  We learn that after some back and forth diva demands, Kim did check herself into the rehab resort…at least until Brooke’s wedding in May. Dr. Phil wishes her the best, but looks doubtful.  What do you think Kim’s chances are? Below is video of the full interview:


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