Sister Love? Kathy Hilton Coaches Kim Richards in Dr Phil’s Hot Seat

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star and resident hot mess, Kim Richards, had some backup from “the good sister” during her much talked about tell-all with Dr. Phil McGraw, set to air today. Photos recently published of the stormy interview revealed that older sis, Kathy Hilton, was present for the showdown, and Radar Online is reporting that she played a far greater role than a quiet supporting presence. 

According to an insider, Kathy was coaching Kim through the interview turned intervention, helping her to articulate her thoughts…or so they say.

“During the breaks, she would go directly to Kim’s side and coach her on how to better answer Dr. Phil’s questions,” the insider commented, referring to the 56 year old mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton.

It has been floated that Kim admitted to slipping off the wagon prior to her drunken rampage, and subsequent arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Richards was supposedly trying to sell the careening  incident as isolated, and when the dialogue heated up and Richards stormed off, it was big sis Kathy who reportedly talked her off the ledge, instigating her return.

“Kathy talked Kim down, and got her to return and finish,” the insider says. “She was definitely acting as Kim’s protector. She wanted to make sure she was being looked after.”

Protector, enabler….potato, potahto. As earlier reported, Kim was ornery when offered another stint in rehab, but recently checked herself into a Malibu facility, possibly nudged by legal and family pressures. There has been no evidence that younger sister, Kyle was present when the junkie hysteria hit the fan, appearing that she is wisely checked out at this point. So what was Kathy’s role outside of probably acting as a really BAD stylist? Was this about family secrets being protected, following a game plan, further sisterly enabling, or just a sibling there for support? What do you think?


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