Review & First Look At Kenya Moore’s Sitcom, “Life Twirls On”

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Kenya Moore

If you have spent the last several seasons betting against Kenya Moore, pass on a trip to Vegas because you’re not ready for that life. The odds are just not in your favor. Moore is a close to a sure bet as we have had on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. In one whirlwind season she has been vindicated and has cleared her name (causing the rest of us to side-eye Phaedra and Apollo); found love; formed the fabulous foursome along with Claudia Jordan, Demetria McKinney, and Cynthia Bailey; she has made peace; and has shut Phaedra down during an attempt to deliver yet another weak and long winded misogynistic rant.

As if that list of accomplishments was not enough, the former Miss USA has finally released her long awaited, “Life Twirls On.” While some other wives were waiting by the phone for opportunity, she created her own… YASSSSS! Watch the trailer below:


The pilot shows us Moore’s wit and humor (a heavily weaved “thot” sister, a scary Jamaican store owner seeking insight, bad plastic surgery, and fears that she has overdosed on a “Real Housewives” marathon… been there, sister, been there).

There are plenty of “Real Housewives” references that fans will love, but don’t worry. The plots are not “so rude and so nasty” that they would leave new fans out. There are family secrets waiting to explode, a fiancé who may or may not be all that he seems, and a gorgeous best friend (played by real life best buddy, Brandon DeShazer).  I’m definitely tuning in.  The woman brought us Leon! L-E-O-N, people!

The next time you think of calling Kenya Moore “crazy”, just know that she will figure out how turn it into a money maker!


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