EXPOSED: Porsha Williams Denies Sleeping With a Married Man But Her Co-stars Say Otherwise!

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The truth continues to shine on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Porsha Williams, and during part one of the reunion last night, Porsha was once again, BUSTED. The outspoken ‘Housewife’ frantically spun her wheels to save her moral prowess, but you can’t UNspill scalding hot tea, and her co-stars, as well as the Bravo editing team, pitched in to stick a fork in the leaky balloon of lofty integrity that Porsha has worked to keep floating all season.

All About the Tea previously broke the exclusive report of Porsha Williams carrying on an affair with billionaire Nigerian oil baron, Bashorun Jide Omokore, with the show echoing the scathing report with an effective feature spot. Porsha’s very own African sugar daddy was the one who “blessed” her with the $500k Rolls Royce, in which she was seen tooting around Atlanta.   Omokore is indeed MARRIED to Nigerian Bank executive, Angella Ebagua.

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The red hot topic was revisited last night during the first part of the reunion, when Claudia Jordan took on Porsha’s vigorous denials that these royal liaisons ever took place. Andy Cohen asked Porsha point blank if she had dated an African prince, to kick off the revealing festivities.

“It was a complete lie. Claudia knows nothing about my personal life whatsoever,” .Porsha continued, “Trust me, there are some gorgeous Africans in Atlanta. If I would like to date one, I’ll do that. There’s some gorgeous Asians, you know whoever, hispanics, whoever I’m single and fabulous and can date who I want. My thing with Claudia was saying that I dated a married man, which goes against my morals.”

Cohen pointed out that both Kandi and NeNe Leakes had alluded to Porsha’s billionaire mystery man, which brought quips of contradiction from Leakes. An earlier appearance on Watch What Happens Live debunks NeNe’s denial, and solidifies Cohen’s claim. NeNe commented,

“…if you’re going to date one (a married man), that’s the way to date one. At least Porsha was able to get a car and bags.  If you gonna turn a trick, that’s how you turn one!” 


Bravo also edited in an earlier in the season talking head, where NeNe alludes to a sketchy new love affair between Porsha and a mystery man.


Claudia went on to reveal that a tipsy night in the Philippines triggered Porsha to fess up to the affair, officially ending any lingering questions about this season’s biggest bombshell.

“As a former journalist, I will not bring up things that I don’t know to be true,” Claudia says. “In the Philippines you actually confessed when we were all drinking. We all went out to the club, you said, “I’m glad you didn’t say this other one, because that’s someone I’ve been holding out for for two years,’ that is married. We’re not going to name names, sweetheart, but there was more than one person around, so please don’t backtrack now that you have all this virtue and character. Mind you it was after a few drinks, but you told me.”

What happened in the Philippines sure didn’t stay there, and I believe that it’s safe to say that Porsha Williams’ imaginary balloon of soaring virtue is officially, and unequivocally popped.


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