#BloodSweatHeels Recap: “A Heel in Handcuffs” [Episode 5]

Posted on Apr 27 2015 - 3:24am by Dani-K

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels

NY Fashion Week is all about being pretty on the outside, which works because our divas don’t seem to care about much about being pretty on the inside this season. At least the show starts with a little levity. Mica and Daisy are joking about their wig collections.  Mica hates her $49.99 wigs wishes she had Daisy’s $2,000 wigs.  Daisy shares news of Geneva’s arrest. Mica giggles and in a TH says that it is completely believable that Geneva went off on the driver. Keep that point in mind, later.

Also keep in mind that you don’t want Mica stripping for you, as we watch her fall off the stripper pole in her bedroom. We’re going to pretend it was already there when she bought the place. Otherwise, it was a wasted investment.  We switch to Arzo, who is planning a showcase for the Lolly brand and is giving a history of how she showed up in NYC with two suitcases and now owns her own showroom. She needs to put on a great show to keep her clients happy and keep the brand in her store.  The ladies attend to support her.

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_

Demetria saunters in and Mica feels like a third wheel as Demetria and Daisy begin talking. She wonders if she will ever have the same moment. Demetria plays coy when Melyssa asks where Geneva is.  Melyssa mentions Geneva’s temper and how it probably landed her in trouble, as she recounts her own run in with the police, because of her big mouth, and how it landed her in jail when she was younger.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Geneva arrives then, stating she has nothing to be embarrassed about. She did nothing wrong.  None of the women seem to agree that race was the issue, but Geneva’s fiery temper is. Geneva tells us in the TH that race was the only issue. Yet, when Arzo tells her about Chantelle’s “Afghan Hound” attack, Geneva excuses it and claims that she “Chanty” is mellow, there must be more to the story. The women begin to toast when Demetria smirks while commenting on Mica refusing a drink.  Mica, backed up by Daisy, says that she is a white wine girl, only, now. Poor Daisy misses having her nose tickled by champagne, but can’t drink because of the chemo. When leaving with Geneva, Demetria comments on getting along with Mica and even hugging her good-bye while stepping on her toes – accidentally, I’m assuming.  No fighting and the show was a success, lucky for Arzo.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Melyssa meets with her business manager. We learn that there is an offer to take her show on a tour but she can’t do that and sell real estate. She wants everyone to see the new Melyssa, and her business manager tells her part of what she needs to do is dump almost every picture of herself posted on her website (he pretends he is possibly searching for the first time…right). Chantelle and her brother work to convince each other that calling Arzo an Afghan Hound had nothing to do with attacking her culture. He thinks they were just “two girls being bitchy.” She thinks Arzo looks like an Afghan hound, it was just a “coincidence.” Oddly enough, I really like Chantelle. She talks about how she loved affecting an American accent as a child, and watching the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” She has always dreamed of coming to America. Her brother says he doesn’t’ think he could move to America.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Geneva meets with her publicist and an attorney who specializes in false arrest and police brutality cases.  She’s shocked that she was accused of refusing to pay the fare and was arrested.  She wants to “seek justice” for the wrongful arrest.  I have to read about her case, again, because I do find it odd that she claims that she called 911 but was arrested, instead.  They give her a “fact sheet” to use to avoid having any statement she makes used against her and to get her side of the story out there.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Meanwhile, Melyssa is meeting with Fredrik and they are working on a deal for her client. Is he flirting? So very Fredrik. They are hilarious together. She’s asked by the Bravo interviewer what her commission take will be on the 2.75 million dollar condo, and she is clueless. Meeting with Frederik she says she is excited to split the commission with him.  She is chum in the water.  Later, he teaches her the dinosaur kick. We notice that the pervy camera crew move from her side to the front to catch a shot of her skirt flying up as she kicks.  Keepin’ it classy, Bravo…. Nothing like exploiting a fun and endearing moment.   Maybe there is an opening for directing a Cinemax original.


Daisy meets with her staff to tell them about her diagnosis. They are not taking it well and begin crying.  A group hug happens and one of her crew offers to come and stay with her.  She must be one hell of a boss and friend.  She tells them that they are adults, but they are like her babies.  I don’t know who can watch this and not be moved.

Up next is an interstitial of Chantelle proving to us that she is not a good dancer, despite her desire to be like TLC’s Chili in the 90s.  She is the mistress of understatement.  She is a LOUSY dancer, but it’s fun to watch her try.

Next up we have Chantelle and Daisy talking about Melyssa’s upcoming luncheon. Daisy tells her to bring her sweet Chanty behavior and things will be fine. Chantelle says she will but don’t forget that Arzo started their conflict. Daisy, in a TH comments about having stage 3 cancer and they’re arguing about who looks like a dog.  Yes, Daisy, it is sad. Arzo and Melyssa, who is playing peacemaker, are at the restaurant when Demetria arrives – happy because her book is finished and she is thrilled with it. Mica and Chantelle show up next. Mica’s THs are scarier than usual.  She rambles about everyone wanting to be her mini-me and laughs out loud.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Melyssa lets it slip that Daisy is going through a lot right now, stunning the other women who want details.  We learn from Daisy that she gets three to four medical bills a day, it seems.  Her bed is covered with bills. As a freelancer, she has not had medical care, with Obamacare she is now insured, but her bills are excessive and she can’t imagine what people without insurance do. Her surgery, alone, was 100k. The past due bill she finally opens is for more than $600.00.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Back at Melyssa’s luncheon, she shares the news since Daisy approved it. Demetria thought something was off with Daisy’s eyes and notes that others have mentioned it. The ladies are all sympathetic to their friend, who will be late to the luncheon. Also late is Geneva, who doesn’t really want to attend because she’s heard that Melyssa has had negative things to say about her arrest. In a TH we learn that Geneva’s mother is a therapist and for that reason she believes she would have been in therapy if she had an anger management problem.  At the luncheon, she passes out her “fact sheets” to everyone, which even Demetria finds excessive.  Mica, in a TH, sings about the pieces of the “fact sheet” Geneva points out. Daisy says that it can become a new ratchet song, “Get dat D.A.T. thrown out.” I’m dying from the laughter.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

The “you can’t take these divas anywhere” round begins. Melyssa is from Canada, she didn’t understand racism until she moved to the states. She sees nothing but holes in Geneva’s story.  Melyssa admits that she was once arrested, but not wrongfully. Geneva insists that she was, their cases are different.  Arzo brings up the Afghan Hound comment, Chantelle reaffirms that she doesn’t think she’s a racist.  It wasn’t a comment about Arzo’s race, but her face. Wow.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Demetria realizes how stupid she and Mica must have looked in the past and patch things up, making plans to have lunch.  We hear Chantelle and Arzo argue loudly as the others tune them out.  No one wants to get involved in the argument, though it is clear that Arzo feels hurt that she was attacked based on her ethnicity and no one stands up for her. They all decide that it’s time to go. I was ready as soon as Geneva walked in the room. I’m glad it’s done, as well.

Blood, Sweat and Heels

Blood, Sweat and Heels


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  1. Jennymckitty April 27, 2015 at 6:22 am -

    Arzo called Chantelle a British Bulldog before Chantelle called Arzo an Afghan Hound but I suppose that wasn’t racist, somehow. Both referenced the country of their birth.

    Which part of Demetria’s arrest was about race? If the police were called on a complaint of theft of service, what other options do they have? They gave her the chance to settle her bill.
    If I refused to pay for a service, even if I felt I were being overcharged, I would certainly expect that I could be arrest and/or sued.

    • Seusseroo April 27, 2015 at 6:29 am -

      Hi my lovely Jenny! I wish I could up vote this comment 100x as I agree with every word. Arzo is making an issue out of a non-issue just start sh*t with Chantelle (who I like btw). Geneva needs to be muzzled and tazed, she’s out of control and not very intelligent to get arrested over a few bucks difference.

      • Jennymckitty April 27, 2015 at 8:06 am -

        Hey, Seuss. Hope you are having a pleasant morning. Just dropped my son off at school and I’m going to relax a few minutes. Love this time of day.
        I think Mica singing the fact sheet may be my favorite scene in all of Bravo TV. Still laughing at that and her falling off the stripper pole.

        • Seusseroo April 27, 2015 at 6:33 pm -

          Omg! Yes….Mica is hilarious. I love what she brings to the show.

    • Narisha Foxx April 27, 2015 at 8:41 am -

      I agree whole-heartedly that Chantelle was not the one who started the name calling in this, Arzo came for Chantelle first. Name calling is never okay and they both were wrong but Chantelle was the reactive individual in this Arzo shouldn’t dish it if she can’t take it.