#KimRichards Caves to Rehab: Checks Into Malibu Facility For Unspecified Stay

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Kim Richards is back on the wagon…again. Sources close to the dicey situation tell TMZ that the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star and has checked into a live-in, substance abuse specialized rehab facility in Malibu.

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The move was triggered by Richards’ arrest for public intoxication, trespassing, and battery on a police officer, followed by a soon to be televised intervention attempt by Dr. Phil McGraw, attended by three of her children. Reportedly, the decision was made after further consultation with her family, and the plan is supposedly for her to stay for “as long as it takes.”

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The report emphasizes that this was HER decision, HER “ah-ha moment,” and that SHE realized that she needed help. Just days earlier Kim was allegedly bolting away from help, as well as the assertion that she was indeed off the rails, and needing professional attention.

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Was this a case of ‘I’ll do it because I want to, not because you tell me to’, or a sincere coming to reality moment? Has the often ornery Kim Richards caved to the realization of her true condition, or simply public and family pressure? Time will tell.


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