VIDEO: Sneak Peek of Kim Richards on Dr. Phil Talking About Drunken Arrest

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The hits just keep on coming with “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Kim Richards. She hijacked the past season of the reality show, overwhelming story lines with junkie behavior, junkie deflection, or junkie denial. She dragged most of the cast through the muck with her, and in an off camera and wall crashing finale, was arrested for being an obnoxious, ornery, and aggressive public drunk.

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Richards has been refusing to claim behavior that she has likely been covering up for the past three years, a time period that just acts as a caboose, hitched to a decades long train of addiction. She agreed to a sit down with Dr. Phil McGraw, in an interview airing Tuesday, April 28, and things take a dramatic turn when Kim expresses dramatic shock and resistance when she realizes that the fake sobriety jig is up.  The show released a preview, revealing a peek of the showdown, which includes three of her children, there to support and encourage their mother to submit to help.  In the short clip, Dr. Phil tells it like it is, and criticizes her parenting, clearly triggering Richards.


Richards can be heard asking “Is this an intervention?” before storming out the door. As previously reported, the upset was elevated when her children were supposedly drawn into the mess, pleading with their mother to accept help. Witnesses also reported that her son Chad was heard spilling that allegedly pills and pot are also in the bleak picture that his mother is so desperately trying to discolor.

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So WHAT was Richards expecting from this interview? Was she trying to sell that her recent drunken ruckus was indeed an isolated incident, much like the “just one pill” excuse that she used to explain away a junkie rampage on the show this season? Does Kim Richards actually believe that her family, friends, and most viewers believe her assertion that she never struggles to maintain sobriety?  Will Dr. Phil bust through the seemingly obvious delusional denial, and trigger a breakthrough?  What is next for Kim Richards?


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