VIDEO: Sneak Peek of Kim Richards on Dr. Phil Talking About Drunken Arrest

Posted on Apr 24 2015 - 5:16am by BeachSpin

Kim Richards_RHOBH

The hits just keep on coming with “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Kim Richards. She hijacked the past season of the reality show, overwhelming story lines with junkie behavior, junkie deflection, or junkie denial. She dragged most of the cast through the muck with her, and in an off camera and wall crashing finale, was arrested for being an obnoxious, ornery, and aggressive public drunk.

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Richards has been refusing to claim behavior that she has likely been covering up for the past three years, a time period that just acts as a caboose, hitched to a decades long train of addiction. She agreed to a sit down with Dr. Phil McGraw, in an interview airing Tuesday, April 28, and things take a dramatic turn when Kim expresses dramatic shock and resistance when she realizes that the fake sobriety jig is up.  The show released a preview, revealing a peek of the showdown, which includes three of her children, there to support and encourage their mother to submit to help.  In the short clip, Dr. Phil tells it like it is, and criticizes her parenting, clearly triggering Richards.


Richards can be heard asking “Is this an intervention?” before storming out the door. As previously reported, the upset was elevated when her children were supposedly drawn into the mess, pleading with their mother to accept help. Witnesses also reported that her son Chad was heard spilling that allegedly pills and pot are also in the bleak picture that his mother is so desperately trying to discolor.

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So WHAT was Richards expecting from this interview? Was she trying to sell that her recent drunken ruckus was indeed an isolated incident, much like the “just one pill” excuse that she used to explain away a junkie rampage on the show this season? Does Kim Richards actually believe that her family, friends, and most viewers believe her assertion that she never struggles to maintain sobriety?  Will Dr. Phil bust through the seemingly obvious delusional denial, and trigger a breakthrough?  What is next for Kim Richards?


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  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Gotta set my DVR for this!

  • Chloe

    Thanks for the reminder, Tea! Bruce Jenner tonight and Kim Richards on Tuesday…it don’t get any better.

  • Jennymckitty

    At least she is consistent in her behavior. I’ve got it set to record. I don’t know why. After watching her all this years, I think I could have given the interview as Kim. Deny, deny, deflect, blame everyone else, rinse, repeat. I ❤️ Vavoom sha-bang.

    • Ilivehereandlikeit

      Me too, I’m watching despite what I said above about the exploitation aspect of the Phil Dog and Pony Show!! At this point the horse is out of the barn, we all know what’s coming. I agree, I too could easily do this interview for Kim, we all know what will be said.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    The first thing I would have asked her is why she felt that outfit was appropriate? Then ask her if she owns any mirrors o.0

    I love how she makes it seem like she poured a ‘small amount’ of vodka…then BOOM, she couldn’t believe she drank it…so instead of STOP drinking at that moment, she decided to have ANOTHER drink cause she was depressed after the first one…

    ‘Can believe she did it’ LOL …Can she believe she made a scene at the Hotel? That she kick an officer at the station? That NO ONE believes she’s been sober for 3 years? Maybe she forgot about all that…

    • Bad Barbie

      I think the only thing she “can believe she did” was that she exposed herself. LOL

  • 900009

    She needs to cap off that rehab stint with about a year of anger management…she might be the meanest person I’ve ever seen on reality TV.

  • Ilivehereandlikeit

    Dr. P must be all a twitter with excitement about the publicity this interview stunt has garnered!! Kim really did rise to the occasion (or take the bait) to provide the best drama possible. Storming off, distraught relatives in her wake…I believe it was wasn’t staged on Kim’s part, she’s certifiably deranged and delusional. AND easily manipulated apparently. But the show, the handlers? Definitely they were all secretly smiling. Cha-ching!!

    TV is not Kim’s friend right now and so sad no one can convince her to get treatment AWAY from the cameras. I don’t like her but I do have sympathy for someone so sick and that the sickness being exploited.

    • Bad Barbie

      Kyle made her do it.

      • Ilivehereandlikeit


        • Ilivehereandlikeit

          Although Kyle *would* make me also go screaming and wailing from a room – lol. Not a fan of that sister either, but for different reasons.

  • Bad Barbie

    At least her hair looks clean. :/

    • Sophia Z.


  • This is going to be sooooo good!

    • Jennymckitty

      Are you going to watch Bruce’s 20/20 interview tonight?

      • YES ma’am! This is MUST-SEE TV. I hope the site recaps it.

        • Jennymckitty

          Me too. My husband is already rolling his eyes over me.

    • equinox2009

      Since she walked out, how much are we really going see of this debacle? Everything is always on her terms so she probably won’t let anyone film after she walks out and Dr Phil chases her to her room! I am hoping to see all of her behavior but I’m not sure we will, here’s hoping

  • Birdie

    What is with the matador cowgirl getup? It looks like she pulled out her best defensive outfit for the occasion.

    • Sophia Z.

      LOL, defenses up before she even gets there.

    • MorningYawn

      I’m sure St. Kathy picked it out… She has excellent taste, you know.

      • Sophia Z.

        Yes, the quintessential essence of taste and sophistication.. HA!

        • MorningYawn

          All shoved into those “exquisite ” dresses she wears!!

          • Sophia Z.

            OMG, LMAO!
            I haven’t been in a “funny” mood for weeks. You and Barbie are cracking me up. Thanks!

          • MorningYawn

            Thanks Sophia!!