Baby Bliss! Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Undergo In Vitro

Posted on Apr 24 2015 - 4:59am by Avigail

Kandi-Burruss-Todd-Tucker- RHOA

Stars of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have completed their first year of their marriage and despite the stumbling blocks in their marriage, the Tuckers are still committed to having a baby. The couple have started the process of in-vitro. Kandi Burruss tells E! News,

“We have started the process of in-vitro. So just pray for us that everything is great and we get a healthy baby! My family definitely, definitely want a baby for me and Todd.”

Already parents to two girls from previous relationships, Kandi admits that juggling her personal professional life isn’t aways the easiest.

“I have a little time off away from the cameras, but I’m never really off,” she says. “So much to do, nonstop, and we’re trying to make a baby right now. I’m off from the cameras, but not off.”

Aside from looking forward to a potentially upcoming bundle of joy from Kandi, fans can also anticipate Kandi’s Ski Trip —a three-part special that will follow her family to Colorado. Kandi reveals it’s going to be one doozy of a family reunion.

“We’re trying to blend out families, Todd and I,” she explains to New York Live. “So some of his family members and mine, the Old Lady Gang, my mom, even some of our friends and people that work for us. Everyone is on a trip together, trying to mend some of the broken relationships and get things back on track. And we’re skiing, so it’s funny to see women that are in their sixties and seventies on snowmobiles, it’s hilarious.”


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  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Her family ‘definitely, definitely want a baby for her & Todd’? Could we get a statement from Evil Mama Dearest Joyce on that…HIGHLY doubt she ‘definitely, definitely’ wants a baby for them…it cuts from her monthy allowance o.0

    • cait

      The Evil Grandma Grinch will be figuring out ways to use the superglue while Kandi’s asleep !

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    ‘Kandi’s Ski Trip’ is not even a believable spin off for her…Kandi’s Food Crawl would make more sense…

  • cait

    In Vitro BEFORE a ski trip ! Give me strength !

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    best of luck to them

  • saw_that_coming…

    I am no relationship expert but if you are already having problems in your relationship, why bring a baby into this mess?

  • Norrth

    If Dr. Jeff isn’t on that trip, count me out. Her family is ready for her to have a kid with Todd? Has someone told Mama Joyce that she is ready?

    • Ronnie

      Maybe Todd could “accidentally” push Mama Joyce off the slope into an avalanche and by the time they find her, that mean mouth is silenced for good.

  • Just a jersey girl

    I just do not know about this relationship either. I like Kandi and I am happy Todd is working again in his profession. No matter I think they would both love a new child to the moon and back.

  • chacha1

    WHY TODD? I guess you are an opportunist for taking abuse from Momma Joyce, Riley and Kandi
    you will be stuck forever with that ratchet family …..

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Where did Kandi’s ski trip come from? Is it a 90 minute special? Refuse to believe its a series and that she is popular enough to get viewers. I find both of them dull and uninteresting.

    • chacha1

      I have no interest in that fake family …..

    • Ronnie

      Why a ski trip? Do these folks ski?

  • cait

    The trip should have been a private one with Todd, Kandi and the two girls, then they could work together to put manners on Viley ! Looking at old eps, she was a nicer kid before Grandma Grinch started having more input ! I guess that’s the price for Kandi being out on the road, more !

    • cait

      PS. She seems to be taking all the folk who treat Todd like shit ! Maybe another sperm hunter, like Faekker !

  • Ronnie

    Kandi dear, Todd does not want a baby. That was apparent from day one. He probably wants to benefit from this union as much as possible and make a clean beak when he is ready to go. Joyce’s evil ways probably help to compound that feeling in him.