Phaedra Parks Slams People Who Think She Should Should Take Her Boys To Visit Their Dad In Prison

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In addition to giving Phaedra Parks the opportunity to labor on about Nene’s performance in Cinderella, Bravo interviewers hit Phaedra with tough questions, this week, including asking her why she hasn’t taken her children to see their father:

“Despite the fact that I’m on a reality show, there are some things in my life that are off-limits. People who watch the show only get one slice of the entire Phaedra pie, and it’s unfair to make judgments about someone, or a situation, without having all the information.”

I found that comment very odd considering how easy it has been for Ms. Parks to sit in judgment of others without having all of the information.  Despite that, she wants fans to back off of her life can choices.  The statement continues:

“The one thing I will say is that every single decision I make is based on one thing: the well-being of my two boys. It’s easy for people to ask why she did that or why she isn’t doing this, but the simple truth is unless you are in that situation yourself, you really can’t make that judgment. I do my best to make smart decisions after carefully considering all options and consulting with experts and others who advise me. I know in my heart that everything I do is based on what is best for my children.”

Given the scrutiny the family is experiencing and the constant questions about how the children are coping, one could ask if it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the children to pull them out of the public eye and move into a private life. Is it time for Ms. Parks to leave the “Real Housewives of Atlanta?”  She also seems to discount the experiences of the audience.

Some may remember that Kandi’s comment was that she has been in a situation in which she has visited a number of others who have been incarcerated. She has been largely silent about Phaedra’s choices while her husband Todd has been solidly team Apollo, on the issue of the children, at least.

It’s not a situation anyone wants to be in, but with the nation holding one of the world’s highest rates of incarceration, it’s not as if she is the only mother dealing with this tough issue. There are assuredly RHOA fans who have been in her situation, and there is enough evidence that children need their parents, even those who have been incarcerated – as long as they are not incarcerated of crimes related to the treatment of the child.

I think fans can be empathetic and sympathetic and realize that this is a tough situation for any partner who hoped to spend a lifetime with a spouse and then learns that will not happen.  Fans may be wondering if Ms. Parks is in too raw of a situation to separate her need to be away from her husband from her children’s need to be with their father.

The best of luck to this family in finding its way.


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