We’ve Got a Runner! Kim Richards Storms Out of Dr. Phil Interview When Offered Rehab

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We’ve got a runner! “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Kim Richards recently sat down with Dr. Phil McGraw, to spill her guts about her recent arrest, triggered by an alcohol fueled rampage, as well as her ongoing issues with substance abuse, in an interview set to air April 28th.

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A new report claims that the exchange ended in a dramatic meltdown, with Richards storming out of the room in tears, screeching obscenities and running down a hallway towards her hotel suite in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where a group of friends were waiting. The rampage was reportedly triggered by Dr. Phil offering to help place her in a top treatment facility, and onlookers were stunned as Richards dramatically bolted in response. She was overheard angrily ranting,

“You can forget this whole thing, here’s your microphone I’m done, I’m leaving, I wanna talk to my family.”

Richards’ older sister, Kathy Hilton, as well as three of her children, Brooke, Chad, and Kimberly were there for support. Daughter Whitney, was not present. Her son Chad was reportedly heard pleading with his mom to take the offer of rehab, after she stormed out of interview. Chad also revealed that his mother not only struggles with alcohol, but pill and marijuana use are also in the messy picture.

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The Daily Mail UK, asserts Brooke was seen chasing her mom after her dramatic exit, and they were heard arguing, with Richards commenting,

“I’m not going down there, I’m not going for three months and I’m not going to miss your wedding.”

​Brooke lashed back,

“What’s the big deal?. Why do you have to be so f***ing picky, just go get the help you need. You have to do this mom.”

Kim disagreed, and insisted that she would seek help from her own doctor and therapist, in order to stay close to her family, adding an angry assertion that she did not drink every day. An eyewitness at the hotel told the site,

“Kim insisted that any program had to fit her needs, saying she wouldn’t go out of state, wanted to do a 30-day not 60-day program, didn’t want to miss her daughter Brooke’s wedding in May and was worried about being away from Monty.”

Kim’s ex-husband, Monty Brinson, is currently suffering from lung, brain, and spine cancer.​ Evidently, Kim’s kids tried to get her to return to the interview, but she refused. After the dust settled, Dr. Phil came by Richards’ suite, and tried to convince her to ditch the excuses and take the deal. 

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Kim reportedly calmer,  launched into her characteristic rambling, abruptly changing the direction of her rant.

“I do respect you and admire you… I do trust you, I don’t know you, but I know you, so I can trust you and my kids trust you.”

The episode ended with Kim stating that she needed to speak to her life-coach, doctor, and had to give it some thought before she made a decision on her treatment. Let’s hope that this thought process isn’t a blasted one, and that her life-coach hasn’t quit her day job!

No word from Bravo on what future Kim Richards has on the show…there was also no mention in the story of her sister Kyle, being present throughout the ordeal.  If that was the case, I say GOOD for her!


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