Felon Update! Teresa Giudice Ruffling Fellow Inmates Feathers Behind Bars

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Teresa Giudice Diva in prison

Felon Update! It seems that “Real Housewife of New Jersey,” Teresa Giudice, is ruffling the feathers of some of her fellow inmates with the special treatment she is receiving behind bars. A former inmate of FCI Danbury recently sounded off to RadarOnline about the injustice going on and claims that Teresa is using her celebrity status to get what she wants.

“She’s a diva, absolutely,” the source, who served time with Giudice and was recently released, said. “Just the way she got her job, that’s definitely diva treatment.”

According to the source, Teresa

“wipes tables three days a week and it’s maybe for 15-20 minutes a shift. She had that job before she came in, and that’s hard to get. Why should she get that when people are outside shoveling snow?”

Perhaps because the warden and guards know that a book is bound to be written by a ghost writer detailing Teresa’s experience in the clink. But the “diva treatment” doesn’t end there, Teresa also receives it in the lunch line

“She comes in very late and if the short line is closed her friend will go and get her the tray,” the insider said. “You’re not allowed to do that, but for Teresa you’re allowed to do it.” The source also claimed that Teresa has received chicken for lunch instead of the “crappy beef” the other inmates got.

Stop The Presses! (I’ve always wanted to say that.) Teresa got the rubber chicken instead of the crappy beef? Well, she might as well be at an all-inclusive resort with this “special” treatment.

According to the source, Teresa is also given preferential treatment by being allowed to keep special crafts made by her four daughters, daughters Gia, 14, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5, when they visit, while other women have been told to discard theirs.

“She brought a craft out from the visiting room and I thought one woman was going to lose it.” She added, “Other women will go in there, their kids will make them something and then they’ll take it (the craft) away from them. The guards let her do that.”

And the special treatment isn’t just from the guards, some of her fellow inmates think Teresa’ the cat’s pajamas, too!

“They don’t fold your laundry, but someone was doing it special for her because she’s Teresa. She stood in line and said ‘I got my laundry back and it wasn’t folded today.’ She was all pissed off about it.” According to the source, Teresa isn’t very considerate of others. “She always comes late to exercise and if it’s hot she’ll either open the door or window.” The source added,  “She doesn’t even ask if it’s okay, she just does it.”


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