Pay Up! Jason Hoppy Wants More Child Support From Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny Frankel, star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” can’t seem to finalize her divorce. Reportedly, Bethenny is paying estranged freeloader, soon-to-be (but not soon enough) husband, Jason Hoppy, $10,000 per month in child support, however RadarOnline is now reporting that Jason is asking for more.

Hey Jason, if you need more money, get a job! What’s that, Jason? You already have a job. Vice-president of sponging off Bethenny?

Bethenny was smart enough to get a prenup with the former pharmaceutical executive, so Hoppy isn’t entitled to spousal support, but an insider is saying that,

“It makes Bethenny absolutely crazy that she has to give Jason a dime. But since he’s been unable to find a steady job since the divorce, Jason plans on going back to court to ask for more money. Not a huge increase, but New York City is very expensive!”

New York City is expensive! One wonders how Hoppy survived prior to meeting Bethenny. Another point of contention that is dragging out the acrimonious divorce for more than two years is the Tribeca loft. Bethenny is reportedly refusing to sign divorce papers until he vacates the property. In the words of the Disney smash hit Frozen, “Let it go.” But Bethenny won’t. An insider previously told Radar,

“Even though Bethenny has finally moved into another apartment, she wants the Tribeca loft sold, and doesn’t want Jason to be given the apartment as part of the divorce settlement.” 

The source added,

“Bethenny initially sought sole and physical custody of Bryn because she didn’t want to pay Jason any money in child support. There was no valid reason for Bethenny and Jason to have joint custody, which was a bitter pill for her to finally swallow.”

If only Bethenny and Hoppy would do what’s best for 4 year-old Bryn, who is probably more of an adult than these two. Bethenny has gone on record to say that she will never be “legally married” again. Let’s hope that she sticks to this promise and Hoppy follows suit. Hey Jason, not a law suit.


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