#RHOA Finale: Mama Joyce Apologizes To Todd About The Lies She Spread About His Mother

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The ladies of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta return tonight for a grand drama-filled season finale. In tonight’s season closer, NeNe rushes through final preparations for her debut in Cinderella on Broadway. Across town, Kenya invites host an elaborate screening of her new pilot “Life Twirls On,” she invites all the ladies to the fanfare event.


Then Kandi makes a surprise announcement that startles not only her daughter, Riley, but Mama Joyce as well. Also, shocking in this episode is Mama Joyce apologizes to Todd regarding the nasty lies she spewed about his mom, Sharon but Todd isn’t buying what Mama Joyce is selling.


Peter and Cynthia say goodbye to Bar One Atlanta and receive a  phone call from ApolloApollo updates them on how he’s doing in prison and Peter drops a bombshell on Apollo about his marriage.


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