Saturday Funnies: Battle Of The Liquors!

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Who do you think ​will ​win​?

Entering into the alcohol beverage foray is new comer, Brandi Glanville with her entry a 2013 Chardonnay




Being a newbie, Brandi has not gotten her publicity campaign up to full force yet. But​,​ she has picked up some marketing ideas!

All About The Tea_Saturday Funnies


Looks like she’s pulling out all the stops for her campaign!


We will be looking forward to Brandi’s wine campaign once it
is in full swing!
BUT she has some stiff competition from veteran crap merchandise
vendor…Teresa Giudice!

All About The Tea_Saturday Funnies

All About The Tea_Saturday FunniesTeresa has been in the selling crap merchandise longer than Brandi, so she has the con-artist touch!

All About The Tea_Saturday Funnies


Tre may be confined, but her hustling surly isn’t!


Which label will come out the winner?
You decide!


*Content for comedic purposes only. Not intended to be taken seriously*


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