Excuses, Excuses! #RHOBH Reunion Stress Blamed for Kim Richards Drunken Rampage

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RHOBH reunion Collage

​We knew the excuses were coming, and it has only taken a scant 24 hours to get them cranking out from inside the floundering Kim Richards Image saving machine. Kim Richards has been under such extreme stress recently, that she was driven to drink…driven to becoming obnoxious and ornery. Driven to locking herself in a bathroom…driven to resisting arrest…and driven to booting a cop.

READ: Kim Richards ARRESTED For Drunken Rampage and Battery On a Cop!

TMZ is reporting that sources close to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star as well as sources close to production, are asserting that the drunken rampage early Thursday morning was triggered by binge watching the three part reunion of the show in order to fulfill blogging obligations. Kim reportedly watched the entire series at her daughter Brooke’s house, and was distraught over reliving the upsetting drama.

This is where the story gets good….supposedly Kim was DEEPLY upset because she believes that Lisa Vanderpump has worked behind the scenes to intentionally drive a wedge between she and her sister Kyle. While Lisa urged them to mend fences on the show, Kim believes that off camera she told Kyle that Kim didn’t want her at her daughter Brooke’s wedding, which infuriated Kyle and crushed Kim. It’s important  to note that the subject of Kyle being uninvited to Brooke’s wedding was just touched on during the aired reunion, and Lisa Vanderpump was never mentioned as any kind of game player.

All About the Tea_Kim Richards_Brooke_monty_Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKim’s daughter Brooke and her dad, Monty

Maybe Kim, in her typically blurry state, just grabbed the “wedge between sisters” story line? I believe that Brandi Glanville already called dibs on that one! Kim allegedly left Brooke’s house, and ended up alone at the Polo Lounge, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is being reported that Kim is telling people that she was ordered out when some friends invited her to join them at their table. The belligerent episode kicked off from there, and led to Richards being arrested and booked for public drunkenness, resisting arrest, trespass, and battery on a cop.

Many other life challenges have presented coping challenges for Kim, including her first husband dying of stage four cancer, financial stress, and the trials of planning an official wedding for her daughter Brooke….albeit the same sort of challenges that millions of sober people face every day. The one ironic twist involves her son Chad being released from UCLA Medical Center, just hours before the meltdown.

We are clearly supposed to swallow this as an isolated incident….again.  Does ANYONE out there believe this pathetic nonsense anymore?


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