Eileen Davidson: Kim Richards Acts Like A “Dictator” and “She’s Good at Railroading People”

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” rookie, Eileen Davidson, took to her Bravo blog to weigh in on part three of the reunion. She reflects on the screaming matches and points out the hypocrisy of Kim Richards. Poor Eileen, the reunion seating choices had to be as traumatic as the entire season:

“I continue to feel like I’ve been given a timeout and told to sit on the “naughty” couch. Is my timeout over, yet?”

Regarding Lisa Rinna’s surprising text messages to Kim Richards:

“However, I was there, in Amsterdam, and I witnessed the entire debacle between Kim and Lisa R. I saw how Lisa R. handled it. Basically, she didn’t. It was all brushed under the rug, and Lisa R. never got to resolve her  feelings. Kim saying that everything was fine between the two of them when they left Amsterdam is just unbelievable. Nothing was fine or resolved. We all knew that.”

I think Eileen put a perfectly fine point at the end of the discussion about the fiasco text messages. The ugliness in Amsterdam may have been too much and to have it swept under the rug was unrealistic.  By the time the next psychological shots were fired, it may have been too much for Lisa R and I get that. Think Eileen has done well to in explaining LisaR’s reactions without excusing them.

“When I went to console Lisa R. (and finally got to leave that couch!), the subtitles showed Brandi calling Lisa R. crazy. Considering Brandi and Kim’s actions this season, she should watch how carelessly she throws around   that word.”

YES! I’m glad that Eileen commented on it. Big and Little Edie in “Grey Gardens” were sweet, charming, and a little sad. Brandi and Kim’s version feels destructive and cruel.

“It’s more than a little ridiculous that Kim thinks she gets to decide what we can talk about and what we can’t. She acts like a dictator, saying and doing whatever she pleases, then tells Lisa R. and Kyle to stop bringing    things up. She even shushed Lisa VP. I do not understand how Kim can just drop these bombs. She insinuates horrible things about Harry and now Kyle, and then says she doesn’t want it discussed on camera. She’s very  good at railroading people, and I find it extremely annoying.”

You are far from alone, ED! I also wonder how much less friction there would have been if Andy had told Kim that she would either have to open up or leave – ok, in more tactfully stated terms, but you get my point. Part of the friction between the wives is, in my opinion, linked to Andy standing too far in the background instead of taking a leadership role as a producer and as a moderator.

“I know the topic of the dog bite was considered taboo by Kim, and therefore wasn’t allowed to be discussed anymore (again, why does she get to decide that?), but I don’t know of anyone, especially a young girl, who  spends five days in the hospital, and has to have an IV drip for three weeks from a “little bite on a finger.” Her bone was infected! I can’t imagine if that happened to one of my boys.”

I was much more stunned by the seeming lack of compassion for Alexia. Why didn’t any of the wives bring that up during the reunion? Andy confronted Kim on her lack of compassion for Lisa R, but not for her own niece? She insinuated something horrible about that poor girl.

“I guess whatever “secret” Kim has on the “real story” about the dog bite will be officially labeled NON-EXISTENT, just like the “secret” about Harry was last week.”

The seeming lack of compassion for Alexia bothered me more than the constant threats of revealing what felt like obviously “non-existent “secrets to me, too.  That bit, the worthless threats, was just cartoonish on Kim’s part as far as I’m concerned.  The disregard for her niece seemed vile, to me.

“I don’t know about you people, but I’m getting really fed up with Kim thinking she can just slander everyone and be really, truly cruel to her sister. I just hope Kyle can find some peace and resolution. She deserves it. All  I’ve ever seen, in person and on the show, is her being a loving and supportive sister to Kim. Maybe Kim doesn’t watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?”

BOOM! This is why Eileen Davidson is a goddess in my book!


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