Lisa Rinna Responds To Kim Richards “Shame on You, I’ll Pray For You”

Posted on Apr 16 2015 - 11:56am by BeachSpin

All About the Tea_Lisa_R__Breaks_Down_All About the Tea_RHOBH reunion

The fifth season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is a wrap, and the cast is sending their fans off with some final thoughts on a roller coaster of a season. Lisa Rinna opens up in her Bravo blog this week, wrapping up her newbie season with a few final thoughts. She addresses Kim Richards threatening to expose her husband Harry Hamlin, when in the end, Kim was caught in a malicious bluff.

“When you put out a claim or accusation about somebody, you need to be damn sure you can back it up. Insinuating something about someone based on something that you “heard” is creating a negative that you can’t prove and also has the potential of never truly going away. This is just dangerous. Shame on youKim Richards. I’ll pray for you.”

She continues to blast nameless cast members, and calls foul on the deflecting tactics that became all too common over the course of a dramatically real season.

“Deflection is not becoming on anybody. I came into this with no expectations and a commitment to be true to myself. I have learned over the course of this season that it’s never too warm to wear your flack jacket in Beverly Hills, because a few in our group tend to not own their actions, but rather, toss their bombs onto the rest of us.”

The reunion show revealed a threatening text sent from Lisa to Kim, and Lisa has been criticized for venting her frustrations on Twitter. She responds by owning the behavior, and asserting her need for growth.

“When I am really angry with someone and have not fully dealt with it, you should probably know that if I am left alone, chances are I may express my anger through a text or tweet. Is this good behavior? Probably not, but I own this behavior. I recognize it, and I own up to it, and I work on bettering myself from it. Can Kim and Brandi say the same?”

My guess is NO. Lisa closes her rookie season blog by sharing a little love with ‘Housewives’ fans.

“I LOVE the Bravo fans. Who knew that this vast community of Housewives fans was so fabulous?”

We knew it all along!


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  • side of Sour Cream

    My only hope is that Kim Richards is gone next season. She clearly cannot handle this job.

    • Brattus Rattus

      I wonder if she gets paid less because she doesn’t blog like the rest of them. I find it interesting.

      • side of Sour Cream

        Carole Radziwill is also not blogging this season. It pisses me off! haha!

        • Nancy Krystofik

          The author must be above communicating with the fans of the show. Maybe she’ll put her old blogs together in a book like Carrie Bradshaw did.

          • side of Sour Cream

            of course she will. and the shoes will be FABulous. lol.

    • Birdie

      Your user name is hilarious and I totally agree. 🙂

      • side of Sour Cream


  • Guest


  • Brattus Rattus

    I’m so pissed my DVR didn’t record the last episode for some reason. Now I’m waiting for the rerun to show so I can watch it. How does this happen?
    I had recorded Botched last week and half way thru – the Keeping up with Kardashions came on. I was pissed to say the least but it was kinda funny because I was recording Botched and Kim was coming out of one of her surgeries. LOL

    • Bad Barbie

      Go on Bravo’s site and you can watch the full episode there!

  • TartLemon

    O/T Has anyone seen ‘Barely Famous’? David Foster’s daughters are hilarious in a totally scripted ‘reality’ show. I don’t think it’s really scripted so much as improve. Yolanda never mentions it.

    • Nancy Krystofik

      I heard about it, interesting Yolanda didn’t share the news. Maybe the daughters don’t get along with her. I will check it out. The text messages from Lisa are bizarre, maybe seeking attention, I’m sure they are all concerned about Kim. That bathroom stuff with Kim, wonder if she was busted for drugs too, if they did tests, maybe that’s only for driving.

  • italiano bambino

    Lisa rina CoughfakeCough tears are just to deflect how of a nasty person she can be as well. She didn’t think rambling richards was going to expose the text. NO PITY here

  • Birdie

    Kim just needs to admit that she chose the WRONG housewife to share an hour long car ride with, while loaded.

  • TartLemon

    I like LisaR, but c’m on we already have habitually teary victim Kyle. Now, LisaR, too? How many more times is LisaR gonna be “DONE! So DONE!”?

  • classycns

    Kim Richards just got arrested. See TMZ.

    • twifan2

      OH CRAP! 🙂
      That didn’t take long! :/
      Guess she has a police record now, again?!

  • BREAKING NEWS: Kim Richards ARRESTED For Drunken Rampage and Battery On a Cop!

    • twifan2

      Who got her out on bail?

  • Mustang

    Gotta say that I was disappointed with Lisa R. by the third segment of the reunion. Those texts were rather severe (and a bit nutty), plus the Kyle-style crying was just over the top. If she could have finished the season the way she started, she would have been the winner. It’ll be interesting to see who comes back next year. My guess is that Lisa R will be in (if asked), and Eileen will opt out. Eileen seemed a bit over it all by the end of the reunion.