Bethenny Frankel: “I Have Had Some Negative Interactions with Ramona In The Past”

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The “B” is certainly back. Star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” Bethenny Frankel, is back in the thick of things during Luann de Lessep’s housewarming party. What did Bethenny think of how she came off during Tuesday’s night’s episode? She took to her Bravo blog to share her thoughts.

“I was a little intense in this episode. It was slightly overwhelming walking into a new dynamic of eight women. I run in smaller circles, and I’m fairly guarded when it comes to new people. I have had some negative    interactions with Ramona in the past, and I did not know what to expect.”

When Bethenny walked out, sick of the arguing over guest etiquette and who gets to claim Sonja for brunch, Bethenny now sees the humor in the moment.

“Ramona was hilarious by the fence. Between Ramona and myself, I’m not sure who is crazier! You know Ramona wears granny panties, since she was so defensive. Maybe now that she’s single, she’ll step it up! It’s also  nice to see Ramona being a little more humble and calm. What she has gone through seems brutal!”

It’s a tie on who is crazier. But where was Bethenny’s compassion when she told Ramona she wouldn’t hang out with her? Talk about an empty threat. It’s only episode 2. Obviously they have to hang out. It’s seems Bethenny’s compassionate heart (cough, cough) only has room for Sonja.

“Poor Sonja. Sometimes she doesn’t know the temperature of the room. It did seem like she knew Dorinda when talking to her in Ramona’s kitchen. She really is a whirlwind. I had no idea that she had healing hands lol.  Why hasn’t she used them on me? I need to heal! I gotta laugh at her though…Sonja is totally nuts, but I love it! Her talking to that guy about her garden made me giggle. Sonja would love for him to visit her garden. I love  how nuts she is. It makes the show.”

Quick question? Is “visit her garden” a euphemism? That Bethenny is so clever!


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