Dance Moms Recap: “Maddie vs. Kalani” [Episode 15]

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All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

We are still in LA, and as Dance Moms begins, the moms remind us that this trip is going fab, because Nia and Kendall are kicking off their teeny bopper music careers.  We hear that Erin Bass, the director of Murietta Dance Project, is ready to kick some Pittsburgh butt this weekend, and Holly is nervous because they beat the ALDC last time.  The girls are chattering in the dressing room about the upcoming videos, and Kendall is excited, but Nia is concerned that some video competition could flare up.

It’s pyramid time, and Abby is happy because winning is everything, and they predictably pulled that off last week.  Nia is plunked on the bottom due to her usual stinky technique, Kendall is on the top for winning, and JoJo is in the middle for simply keeping quiet for a change.  Abby let’s us know that Maddie is dancing on TV constantly, and no one cares if she is even a good dancer anymore, so she needs to step it up. Kendall’s video shoot is brought up, and Holly chimes in to share about Nia’s upcoming shoot. Abby rolls her eyes, and rudely interrupts Holly mid sentence.  Solos are given to Kalani and Maddie, and the group number is called The Rose Garden, a dark contemporary piece. Abby announces that Maddie is dancing on the Ellen show, and everyone claps politely.

The group rehearsal begins, as the moms chat behind the curtain about the snarky meaning of the group number.  They decide that the message is a dig to the MDP, because they beat them last time, and they all remember the  fruit basket gift dump. Jill brags endlessly about Kendall, and Holly complains that Nia isn’t happy because Abby isn’t encouraging her.  Abby calls Kendall out and pep talks her about her military themed video, and works to down Nia’s project, pushing Kendall to be extra super amazing.  Maddie begins her rehearsal, and Abby reminds us that the whole world is watching Maddie, which makes her technical perfection all the more important, so the ALDC can attract talent in LA. Melissa is worried because of Maddie’s stressful schedule, but the other moms remind her that Maddie will always be set up to win, so she shouldn’t sweat it.  We jump over the MDP, where Erin is pushing her dancers hard, to kick the ALDC butt.  They aren’t scared of Abby, because they are a dramatic army ready for battle. Things are getting heated back at the ALDC, when Holly begins blasting Jill for not inviting Nia along the previous evening, for a meeting with some director/ producer/ internet sensation guy, whose name I can’t make out.  Nia cried herself to sleep over the diss, and Jill objects because it wasn’t her place to invite Nia. Jess jumps in, and states the obvious, that Jill is pretty darn overjoyed that Kendall is Abby’s new pet. The women begin hollering at each other, as Jill storms out and Holly folds her arms in righteous indignation.  Holly keeps the rant going to Jess, asJill spills the tea to Kendall.  Kendall snaps back her annoyance, as Jess insists that Jill is basking in the warmth of Abby’s bosom of approval, and she loves it.  Holly agrees, and labels Jill as an idiot teacher’s pet.

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 Kalani begins her rehearsal, a number called ‘Innocent.’ Holly continues to whine and complain about Nia being left out, to anyone within earshot.  Melissa and Jill both assert that they wish that Nia was there, and that they weren’t to blame. Jill feels overshadowed by Nia’s video project, which makes no sense, but speaks the truth when she comments that she wants Kendall to leap on Abby’s bandwagon, because it has taken forever to pick her darling up. Holly points out that Abby is the one working to create division, and they all agree to celebrate both girls.  Back over at MDP, we meet tiny Keara, who has been chosen to do a solo to take on Abby’s girls. The ALDC girls are practicing with their rose thorn fake nails, when the news comes through that Abby has secured a building in LA, making the girls’ competition success extra crucial.

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The World Class Talent Experience competition day has arrived, and the ALDC girls tromp in to screaming fans, and a backwards welcome note from MDP  written on on of the girl’s mirrors.  The move was tacky, but not derogatory, and social media is apparently buzzing  about the rivalry.  Abby’s moms bust in on the MDP crew to demand answers, and Erin explains that it’s just healthy competitive banter. Abby opines that maybe the moms should stay off social media, and chooses to ignore the internet brouhaha. We watch Kira and Melissa pep talk their soloists, as they prepare to perform. Maddie looks annoyed, and Kira comments that Kalani needs to win, because she actually scored a comparable solo to the star forever teacher’s pet.

All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

Maddie performs, and it’s a predictable Maddie lyrical number. Keara is up next, with a Mother Nature themed routine. She is a talented girl,  but appears  a bit frantic and uncontrolled on stage. Kalani performs, and she is great, but the choreography is a bit choppy, and her costume is annoyingly skimpy. The Rose Garden number is up, and the makeup and costuming is extreme, as the group takes the stage.

All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap

Abby kills it with concept and styling as usual, and the number is cool.  The MDP group number hits the stage, and I actually like it better, but suspect that the long skirts hid the superior technique that I believe was obvious.  Awards are doled out, and Keara wins fifth, Kalani gets second, and Maddie lands first. The MDP group wins third, and the ALDC wins first.  Abby is seen canoodling with the judges afterwards, and Erin pops in and comments that while she agrees that the girls have improved, she disagrees with the decision. She comments that the judges appear to be in Abby’s back stretch pants pocket, and resolves to come out harder next time. The two groups of moms chat amicably, until one mom nails it when she snarks that cool costumes and music push tired ALDC routines over the top. Abby shrugs and grins, implying that whatever works is just fine. Abby rah rahs Kendall’s upcoming video shoot, and predictably ignores Nia. Holly is upset, and her tired reaction makes me wonder WHY in the world she ever expected anything different. The video cameras roll next week…will stars be born, or friendships be broken?

All About the Tea_Dance Moms Recap


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