Teen Mom OG Recap: Maci Bookout’s Pregnant & Another Pregnancy Bombshell Is Dropped! [Episode 4]

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Maci Bookout

They’re multiplying like bunnies as Teen Mom rolls on this week. It’s Bentley’s birthday, and as we catch up with Maci Bookout, we hear that she is planning his party, as she spills to the production crew that she is pregnant. Ka-ching! We learn that Maci believed that conceiving again might be impossible, so they have been flinging caution to the wind. Taylor doesn’t want to look desperate to marry his baby mama, but Maci really believes that a ring would go a long way to please her grandparents, and prove to her family that she’s not a dirty slut. Maci decides to tell Bentley before Ryan, and just wishes that she could drink to make the whole slutty ordeal easier. 

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Maci hangs with her friend Ashley to discuss her 5 year college career, then meets up with Ryan to transfer Bentley. She invites Ryan and his girlfriend to Bentley’s birthday, and Ryan graciously grunts out a maybe. Bentley is turning six, and it’s time to jump on trampolines for two hours to celebrate! Ryan shows up, as Ryan’s mom gossips about her son with Maci. Ryan and Shelby join in the fun, as Maci decides to keep a lid on her big news for now. They arrive home, and Bentley opens his birthday gift from the new baby. Bentley is confused, and disagrees with the pregnancy. Maci shows him the sonogram picture, and pushes him to be excited…but Bentley isn’t so sure. He accepts the news reluctantly, and we watch Maci chat with him about it later on. Bentley doesn’t feel great about Taylor being the father of his sibling, and Maci confidently assures him that the two of them having the same mom will be good enough.  Bentley asks why she has to have a baby, and passes on any future diaper duty.

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Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn and Tyler are visiting the doctor, and we learn that Catelynn is packing on the baby weight. After expressing horror at his lady love’s poundage, Tyler comments that they need to set up a visit with Carly’s parents. He sort of wishes that he hadn’t posted the video of their daughter against their wishes, but oh well. We hear the baby’s heartbeat, and the doc approaches the delicate subject of Catelynn straining the scale earlier.  She gently reminds her that a baby on board does not mean that pigging out is acceptable, as Catelynn nods and laughs nervously.  The doctor recommends no more than ten additional pounds over the next six months, and Tyler tries to look as though he believes that the goal is actually possible.  The couple discusses Catelynn’s new diet on the drive home, and chat about possibly seeking help from professionals. Catelynn is worried about being a chubby bride…or not ever being a bride at all.  The couple discuss their future nuptials as they explore a venue, and set a date.  Could a wedding actually be happening?  

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Catelynn shares the plan with her friend, and they discuss possible  pregnancy complications.  Still no word on a visit with Carly.  When we jump back to the lovebirds, Catelynn is telling Tyler that she is set to make chocolates the next day, and Tyler looks alarmed.  They finally hear from Teresa, who wants to meet and have an open conversation about the ups and downs since the adoption process began. Tyler is anxious about acting jerky on camera instead of grateful, and that America had a front row seat to his immature tantrum.The couple unrealistically expects to be made a priority in Carly’s life, and they agree to not get heated during the sit down.  The chocolate making is underway with the moms, and Catleynn shares the news about meeting with Brandon and Teresa. Catelynn is worried about Tyler acting like an a**hole, and Tyler’s mother, always the voice of reason, enthusiastically agrees. Tyler later has lunch with his mom, and tells her that he plans to demand empathetic absorption for his need to post social media pics of their daughter. The adoptive parents just have to accept that their daughter was born on MTV, and Catelynn and Tyler’s followers will not be denied a front row seat to her development. His mom agrees but tells him to chill, and to walk away before he starts blathering like an a**hole. Tyler believes that if they cut them off from their birth daughter, she will be the one to suffer, revealing another level of complete cluelessness. Speaking of clueless,  Amber Portwood is next up.


Amber Portwood

Amber, Krystal, and Amber’s mom are headed to Amber’s brother’s graduation in Nashville, and they all pass the time by bantering about how great it is to be able to leave the state on probation. Fingers crossed that no one is graduating overseas, because that still isn’t allowed. The family is proud, and it is a happy event. Back at Gary’s, Kristina discovers that she’s pregnant. Gary considerately inquires about the child’s paternity, and reminds Kristina that she has “options”, as Leah plays nearby. Kristina blames the whoopsie on a switched birth control brand (sure), as Gary sensitively suggests Amber as the godmother. Kristina is not amused, and Gary seems to be chomping at the bit to run to Amber and blurt out the news. He apparently couldn’t keep from tellingLeah, because she knows by the next scene, and is demanding a sister. Gary obnoxiously shares with the tot that her future sibling is an accident…and maybe even a boy. Amber’s brother counsels Amber about what to expect from Gary if she pursues custody of Leah. Amber rambles on, and her brother congratulates her for coping by endlessly rambling, instead of turning to drugs. Kristina and Gary discuss their level of excitement over the new baby, and Gary comments that he really doesn’t want to hang with someone permanently, just because he knocks her up. What a guy.  

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Gary picks up Leah at school, and we hear about a pooping accident, so Gary brings her immediately to her mother, like any normal father would. Gary spills to Amber that Kristina is pregnant, and heck NO, he’s not getting married. Amber points out that Kristina’s feelings could be hurt when she watches the episode, in a shocking moment of considerate clarity. Amber tells Krystal about Gary’s new offspring, and the breakthrough realization that she will never be with him again. Amber feels as though a part of her life is dead, and Gary is too busy picking out tight, ugly t-shirts to even notice. Amber’s doe-eyed producer pal shows up to counsel her through a meltdown, and offers her pretty much nothing, as usual.

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The show wraps with the happy and not so happy couples living life, to a breathy song about being pushed too far. The drama gets cranking next week, when Tyler lays down his demands to Carly’s parents, and Farrah returns!


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