Kyle Richards Rejected! #RHOBH Star Reaches Out To Kim Richards On National Sibling Day & Got No Response!

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The dysfunctional relationship struggle between sisters Kyle and Kim Richards not only dominated this season’s story line on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but continues to wreak family havoc off camera as well. Kim’s predictable deflection techniques, combined with a sister’s wash and repeat blathering enabling, proves to produce spinning in circles drama that is never fully resolved. 

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The messy pattern continued with Kyle recently reaching out to her sister via her Instagram account, posting a photo of herself, Kim, and third sister Kathy Hilton, in honor of National Siblings Day. The photos were affectionately labeled, “#NationalSiblingsDay these are my siblings @kathyhilton & @kimrichards11 #sisters no matter what ….”

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Both Kim and Kathy passed on responding, or joining in on the social media sibling fun. Kyle and Kim have been hashing out their differences on camera all season, and picked their feud right back up during the RHOBH Reunion taping. Prior to the Bravo sit down, the pair had not spoken for months. It was earlier reported that Kim’s dog Kingsley bit Kyle’s daughter’s hand last Halloween, necessitating a 5-day hospitalization, as well as multi surgeries. The touchy subject came to a head during the reunion show, where the sisterly battle continued, in a shouting, finger pointing exchange.

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Kyle nailed Kim for minimizing the attack, and putting an animal over concern for her niece. Kim fired back, accusing her sister of blabbing the upsetting incident in living color all over Instagram, in an inconsiderate bid for sympathy followers.


Ironically, Kyle’s method of extending sister love was via a showy Instagram display…could this be a tongue in cheek olive branch, or a genuine sentiment of affection with an unintentional edge?Could Kyle really be that creatively snarky, and the larger question…did it score her any followers? Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered when the reunion show wraps Tuesday.


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