#BloodSweatHeels Recap: “Match Made in Heel” [Episode 3]

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All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels

The fog horns are sounding off like Marlene Dietrich putting her lips together and blowing into a coke bottle in my hometown of San Francisco as we catch up with the NYC, “Blood, Sweat and Heels” career gals.

Melyssa is celebrating her theatrical debut – despite the several onstage electrical gaffes – by getting a pedicure with her mom and her aunt Barbara. “I look like I kick bricks for a living,” is Melyssa’s humble comment as she dips her toes into the solvent-filled foot bath. Soylent green – it’s made of people…and toes! Her mom and aunt – despite her dad’s stern legacy – are very supportive of her time as a media minx – ahem, I mean video vixen, and present day playwright.

As we join Daisy (a stylist by profession ), she is going through her fourth month of chemo. The clinic knows her well. Daisy is dressed for success, and I hope her peppy getup reflects her optimism. She’s in for a long ride. “Thank you Jesus, [I’ll] do a cartwheel and hallelujah.” Although her white cell count is down, which means she cannot be around germs, she is putting on her warrior face to meet the day. #NYC

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_

Next we see Geneva, who is nearly swallowing her tongue pretending to befriend the new girl, Chantelle. Popping up like a mushroom in a spring meadow, is this new cutie, and she appears, like most fungi, hard to eradicate. Good thing, this English rose has a solid back-story of business acumen and hard work. She might just scare the NY’ers out of their pre-war-walk-up rent-controlled complacency. She is ready to set everyone up with new men, but Geneva expresses her disdain for Mica and everyone else. “As long as you don’t come for my man – if I had one – or anyone else,” Geneva posits.

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As we come back from the break, we see that Mica spending time with her mom. Her mom apparently had a soft spot for her Mica’s ex, Terry, the cheater. They discuss Geneva, Mica and Daisy and pray over them all. I’m reminded of a Nina Simone song: Nobody’s Fault But Mine. As Melyssa sells real estate, she meets up with old friends. Perhaps her real estate career is not just for show!!

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_

This evening, all the women are apparently meeting up again after last season. Geneva joins Mica’s table and starts the stand-off, first by suggesting she has a limited diet. She (Geneva) says she is not vegan (Geneva ) – but naturally bulimic.” Mica is appalled – she thinks Geneva might be skinny if she actually suffered from bulimia. Geneva brings up embarrassing incidents from Mica’s past, in her quest to demolish her, but only makes herself look even worse, given the surroundings. Geneva keeps turning the conversation to Mica’s most embarrassing incidents – but Mica keeps brushing them off. Geneva reminds Mica of the various places where she is “turned up,”  Geneva apologizes. They are both praying for each other!

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_

Meanwhile, GenevaDemetria and Daisy are dealing with real issues – among other things , they are arranging for all the girls tho come over. Melyssa says she is also ready for prayer circle. There is a lot of Demetria. Geneva and Melyssa praying for a bit. Maybe they will all get along.

There is a wine and cheese mixer at one of the girls’ place and Mica happens to show off a giant bowl of grapes – ok that is a bit strange to carry a round! Relationship talk ensues. The consensus amongst the gals is too grim. Right now – a man is too much – Daisy says, and my heart  breaks. There’s a lovely, brightly lit theme at this house party. Chantelle is not only hot, she has  attended the London school of economics (this is burning Demetria up). Everyone asks her age, including the other new girl – who is Afghani and stepping way outside her family’s comfort zone, by the sound of it. She is attractive, educated and ready for the ride ahead.


The most awkward scene ensues – where there is talk about the most eligible bachelor ever – Jesus. As Daisy says, tongue in cheek, that was her last boyfriend, but a few of the girls miss this humor. And Daisy continues to keep her big secret amongst the girls. Demetria tries to stir up conflict, but luckily there is too much good will floating around!!

Will the new girls be able to deal with the madness? Will they elevate things? What are the first questions you want to ask???


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