VIDEO: NeNe Leakes Snaps And Exchange Heated Words With Claudia Jordan

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta” returns tonight and the ladies return to Atlanta from the Philippines. They immediately jump back into the work saddle and the drama, along with NeNe, returns!

Kenya Moore is in the midst of shooting her pilot, “Life Twirls On,” as Cynthia strives to perfect her accent for the role as a Jamaican salon owner. Meanwhile, Phaedra continues to feel the rippling effect of Apollo’s absence and is inspired to host a charity event.


Things don’t go so smoothly when NeNe Leakes takes a break from Broadway to reunite with the other ladies in Atlanta for a charity event. After ditching therapy, NeNe clearly is not ready to reconcile and put differences behind her. She exchanges words with Claudia Jordan at the event and ratchet Nay-Nay re-emerges. 


In the same episode, Kandi and Todd attempt to go on a romantic date, but Todd drops a bomb that leaves Kandi torn. There are still some unresolved issues around babies and careers that the reality couple need to work through.


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