Watch What Happens Live: Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams Talk #RHOA Drama & Apollo Nida Update

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

On tonight’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” stars of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams, were Andy Cohen’s guests. Both ladies were in a sassy mood, Phaedra in a “hot tamale” red dress while Porsha sparkled in gold. It was also Claudia Jordan’s 42nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Claudia!

The first caller asked if Phaedra had decided to take the boys to visit their daddy in prison. Phaedra said, “Well if that were your business, I would probably—” Miss Thang’s full response was overshadowed by Porsha’s cackling and calling Phaedra a hot tamale, but suffice it to say, she most likely has taken the boys. Phaedra did say (for those who care) that she and Apollo are “still married” and she spoke to him that day. She went onto to say, Apollo is doing well (for being locked up). Andy asked if Ayden and Dylan know where father is. Surprisingly, Phaedra didn’t shut him down and confirmed they know.

The next caller asked Porsha what she thought about the selfies of her ex, Kordell and Claudia.

“I don’t think about it,” Porsha said. The last time Porsha and Kordell spoke was before she signed the divorce papers. They apparently don’t run into each other around town and Porsha suggested that Cordell had “probably just moved away from America.”

Andy read a question from his stack of cards that asked how afraid Phaedra was during the scene with Apollo in the garage.

“I was very concerned.,” she said. “It was very frightening. Yeah. It was very intense.”

Phaedra said Bug was a big help that day and what a true friend he is to Apollo. So far he is the only friend of Apollo’s that has called to check on Ayden and Dylan. None of the other husbands, “although they have lots to say” about Phaedra and Apollo, have reached out to her.

Another caller inquired about the status of Phaedra’s divorce,  she tells a caller what her current relationship status is with Apollo Nida and whether or not they are still married.


Andy asks Phaedra what was her reaction to Apollo exposing her affair with Mr. Chocolate, the southern belle responds with,


It’s game time! Porsha and Phaedra play a game of “On a NeNe to Know Know  Basis.” The ladies defend NeNe Leakes in certain situations she was involved in this season.


The poll question of the evening is, “Do you think the truce between Kenya and Phaedra will last?” #girlplease #itwontlast #throughnextseason Most people agree because 80% said no.

Next week is the season finale so Andy dropped a hint about the reunion show. It seems that it wasn’t as “ratchet” as they usually are. Not sure if that’s a good thing of not.


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