Kyle Richards: Brandi Glanville is Angry, Disgusting & Nothing She Says Makes Sense!

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In honor of National Sibling Day, we thought it only appropriate to highlight “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” star Kyle Richards’ Bravo blog, as she addresses the “worst place” relationship status between her and sister, Kim Richards. As you might expect, a lot of their problems are blamed on Brandi Glanville.

“I’m the first to say that my sister’s and my relationship has obviously had its ups and downs, but this has by far been the worst place our relationship has ever been in. I have seen how Brandi has tried to turn her against me. If she sincerely cared about Kim, instead of using her as a prop, she would want her family to be close to her.” Kyle added, “In stark contrast, Brandi seems to enjoy the downfall of Kim’s and my relationship. Like she succeeded somehow.”

Kyle feels that Brandi is angry, disgusting and nothing she says or does makes sense to her.

“I don’t really know how to address Brandi’s comments about everyone, because nothing she says makes any sense to me. Her behavior toward everyone has been so disgusting, yet she seems to be the one who is angry at everyone. She is filled with so much anger and hatred that it is uncomfortable to be around. From texting Lisa R. that she is an anorexic old hag to her home-wrecker comments about Eileen, telling Lisa V. that she was jealous Max’s friend didn’t want to f— her…disgusting.”

That was pretty disgusting, so why is Brandi so angry, according to Kyle?

“Brandi cannot stand to see Lisa V. and me being friends again, laughing and having fun. So she has to make rude, snide comments. For the record, Lisa V. is not selling her house, and she has expressed regret for making a “flippant comment” about that in the past…We have moved past our issues.”

Kyle says that she’s reached a point where she is tired and “can’t do it anymore” in regards to her relationship with Kim. Of course, once Brandi drops Kim like a F-bomb, Kyle will most likely have to step back in to help pick up the pieces.

“With Kim, I am constantly being accused of things I didn’t do and made to feel that all our problems are my fault. I am tired of being blamed for everything and am at a point in my life where I just can’t do it anymore. There is some sort of relief when I see it played back on video and know that I am not crazy, and the events at Eileen’s did play out exactly how I remember it. But even after seeing it on camera, Kim will not admit that she was wrong and still wants to blame me. I know that whatever I do, she will find fault in. So why even bother trying anymore?”

Kyle briefly touches on Brooke’s wedding, however, she doesn’t elaborate as to what went down that was “unspeakable” and “unforgivable.”

“When Kim said she wanted to see where we were at, because there were a lot of things coming up that she needs to figure out, I knew she was referring to her daughter’s wedding. I lost it. Clearly.  It’s been way too emotional and upsetting to me, and I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Kyle ended her blog with a request of the viewers and fans.

“Thank you all for your kind words and support. I would like to ask you all, regardless of what your opinion is, to please be kind on social media. There are no winners here. No “teams.” This is my family, regardless of what problems we have right now.”


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