The Fraud Fallout Continues: Gia Giudice Forced To Play Mom While Teresa Giudice Serves Prison Sentence

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Gia Giudice, daughter of Teresa and Joe Giudice, has a lot of pressure on her young and fragile shoulders. Her mom is serving time in prison, and her dad is expected to head to the pokey to serve his prison time after Mommy comes home. This leaves the “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” 14-year old plunked in a position with much more responsibility than your average teenager.

A new report suggests that Gia Giudice is being forced to mature much faster. Her dad, Joe Giudice, is supposedly playing Mr. Mom, taking care of his four daughters, while his felon better half serves her time behind bars. Gia is purportedly filling in the mommy gap, and is helping out with the household duties. In addition to all of the stress of household responsibilities, Gia is nurturing a budding music career with her girl group 3KT, and sitting for interviews. Joe was recently stripped of his driving privileges for two years, surely adding a whole new dimension of family stress. A source tells Life & Style magazine,

“She’s just growing up way too fast,” said the source. “It’s way too much to ask a 14-year-old to bear.” Adding, “She’s balancing her home responsibilities with her fledgling music career with the group girl 3KT, and doing media appearances and interviews.”

It’s clear that the workload and accelerated maturity is getting to the young teen, and last month Gia tweeted what appears to be a cry for help, “I need a break from all this…a new beginning,” presumably in response to family pressures.

Gia Giudice RHONJ

No child should have to “assume a parental role,” at such a young age, and be burdened with adult issues, such as  the family’s bottomless pit of financial ruin. Her parents have a massive $13.4 million debt, and according to Life & Style Magazine, the family is “demanding up to five figures for Gia interviews.”

Naturally, the mounting family stress has taken a toll on the young lady’s school performance, and her grades are “slipping in school,” the report claimed.  Teresa’s last request was that her daughters would be taken care of, not allegedly shoved into adulthood.  The fraud fallout continues.


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